Good Words

Adversity is a severe instructor, set over us by one who
knows us better than we do ourselves, as he loves us better
too.  He that wrestles with us strengthens our nerves and
sharpens our skill.  Our antagonist is our helper.  This
conflict with difficulty makes us acquainted with our
object and compels us to consider it in all its relations.
It will not suffer us to be superficial.
- Edmund Burke

Seek the wisdom of the ages, but look at the world
through the eyes of a child.
- Ron Wild

One who is firmly seated in authority soon learns to think
security, and not progress, the highest lesson of statecraft.
- James Russell Lowell

Once you accept your own death, all of a sudden you are
free to live.  You no longer care about your reputation.
You no longer care except so far as your life can be used
tactically to promote a cause you believe in.
- Saul Alinsky

If there’s magic in boxing is the magic of fighting battles
beyond endurance, beyond cracked ribs, ruptured kidneys and
detached retinas.  It’s the magic of risking everything for
a dream that nobody sees but you.
- Eddie Scrap-Iron Dupris, "Million Dollar Baby"

The good you look for is more important
than the bad you find.
- Arthur Dobrin (1943-)

It’s not the honors and not the titles and not the power
that is of ultimate importance.  It’s what resides inside.
- Fred Rogers

The true meaning of life is to plant trees under whose shade
you do not expect to sit.
- Nelson Henderson

The height of your accomplishments will equal the depth of
your convictions.
- William F. Scolavino

A small trouble is like a pebble.  Hold it too close to your
eye and it fills the whole world and puts everything out of
focus.  Hold it at a proper distance and it can be examined
and properly classified.  Throw it at your feet and it can
be seen in its true setting, just one more tiny bump on the
pathway of life.
- Celia Luce

There is little connection between the appearance of
genius and its recognition.
- George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)

Fools look to tomorrow;
Wise men use tonight.
- Scottish Proverb

Many a man owes his success to his first wife
and his second wife to his success.
- Jim Backus

Everything changes.  The person who refuses to accept this
is in danger of breaking as surely as the tree that cannot
bend in the wind breaks in two.
- Arthur Dobrin (1943-)

"Reflections on the Secret of Happiness"
It is smelling flowers in the spring and remembering what
they smell like in the winter.
- Denise, age 11, in "Children on Happiness"

True happiness consists not in the multitude of friends,
but in their worth and choice.
- Ben Jonson

Beyond talent lie all the usual words: discipline, love,
luck but, most of all, endurance.
- James Arthur Baldwin

Every man is guilty of all the good he didn’t do.
- Francois Marie Arouet Voltaire (1694-1778)

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