That’s what I’ve been of late.  So the question is: why?  Answer: rotations.

I finished my medicine rotation in February, sat for the
exam and moved onto Peds.  Peds was a
whirlwind of patients, lectures and sleep deprivation.  The weekend of the exam I was supposed to go
to a wedding of a classmate and decided the day before that I could not go in
my present grumpy, sick state.  Lack of
sleep, by the way, is one of the ways that I become sick.  Nasty, grumpy, headachy, tired sick.  So instead I slept and threw a surprise
birthday party for my roommate’s 27th.  It was all FBI and entailed a great deal of
covert operations.  Blessedly, she was
beyond surprised and we had a wonderful time. 
Granted, a cop showed up later on that night, but at least we had a good
time while we were all together.

I have since started my Ob/Gyn rotation.  I’m doing my private gyne week so I have
spent hours scrubbed in on TAH/BSO (Total Abdominal Hysterectomy/Bilateral
Salpingoophorectomy) and such.  I enjoy
the independence of this past week.  I
round on one or two patients from 6:30ish to 7am.  Scrub in on surgery from 7:30-noonish,
lunch and then an hour or so before lecture and home.  I have tried to do some reading, but frankly
I’m not as interested in the material as I am in the surgeries.  I enjoy quick surgeries.  I’m alone for most of the day (aka sans other
medical students) and I am content.  I
realize that I truly enjoy the independence of rotations.  I don’t appreciate residents constantly
following me with new admits or wondering if I have seen the patients, b/c if I
have seen them I would tell them.

Last night I attended (for free ‘cause we came in late) and watched
various Indians dancing, “singing”, modeling and playing instruments.  This was followed by an afterparty that
started off right and became butt!  I was
so not happy.  My girl, Lin (who always
dances) just stopped dancing after a while and sat down.  My other girl Majek, came with us.  Vik showed up and he looked cute and
young.  I, was looking waay to fly for
those people.  Anyhoo, Vik talked to Lin
a lot that night and I was jealous!  And
I was mad at myself for being jealous ‘cause it’s not like Lin likes him.  She was just listening to the same stories
that he tells me.  Apparently his ex
girlfriend was at the party, greeted him and so he told Lin about her, but not
me.  I didn’t know that until later, much
later that night when we went to Eat’n Park for some breakfast buffet.  Anyway, I was mad at myself for still liking
him.  Granted, I don’t feign over him and
don’t like him as much as I did a month ago, but the fact that he didn’t even
try to dance with me much just made me feel unloved.  Then again, maybe I wasn’t given of that vibe
last night.

When we went to eat, there were some crazy people at the
restaurant!  One guy had me dying!  He was stirring some grits as I stood next to
him and he kept complaining about the state of the food.

Him:    “What the f***
is this s***?!?

Me:      Grin
Him:    “If my momma
ever saw this she would slap the s*** out of anyone who made this s***.  It don’t even look like oatmeal!”
Me:      Chuckle.  “You know you ain’t right!”
Him:    “No for real,
my momma would slap the s*** out of the chef who made this!”
Me:      “Uh unh!”
Him:    “Dawg, look at
this oatmeal.  My momma would slap the
s*** out of the chef!”
His Dawg:       “Dawg,
that ain’t oatmeal!  It’s grits.  White people like them”
Him:    “It’s still

Can I tell you how HILARIOUS that interchange was?  Too much! 
Too much.  Then all night, Lin was
threatening to shank people!  WHAT!  It was too much.  While I was unhappy that Vik didn’t give me
any special treatment, that the dj couldn’t deejay for the life of him, that I was
looking too cute for anybody up in that club and that most of the kids in there
were grinding sloppily; the rest of the night was indeed worth it.

And can I tell you that we didn’t have to pay to get into
the club?  We were there early (an hour
after the show ended) and the deejay hadn’t even hooked up his set yet!  So we walked over to Shady Grove only to
leave oh about what, hmmm, FIVE minutes later b/c it was rancid (new favorite
word for being in general a ‘hot mess’) and then returned to Cozumel.  The girl smiled at us and said “weren’t you
just in here?”  When we replied in the
affirmative, she said, just come on in and just like that we were in for
free.  And can I say I am mighty glad
that we didn’t pay?  Cause that would
have been…..what children?  RANCID!  Good, you’re getting the hang of this thing.

Church was wonderful. 
I almost missed it because I didn’t fast forward my bedroom clock but
Majek called me.  I was reminded that as
a heavenly creature, I can’t allow temporary exigencies of life (money, work,
future, weight, loans, exams) to stand in the way of my living my life for the
kingdom!  I needed to hear that because I
stress entirely too much over too many things in this world.  I left psyched that I serve an Awesome,
Almighty, Omnicient Supreme Being and determined to live a life that glorifies
Him in all that I do…including allowing Him to be God.

So while I still like Vik, need to lose about 100 pounds (I
kid you not!), desire to be quit Pittsburgh for sunnier pastures, wonder about
my exam grades and wish I could recall facts like an encyclopedia when I’m
pimped; I know that Jesus is always there and that in and of itself is beyond

I do have one question though, my keyboard is sticky, how
can I clean it?  


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8 responses to “Incognegro

  • calixtan

    h’m. very very gently i think. or it will be rancid.

    you have a full life eh! 😀

  • spokaloothezoo

    if its a couple keys and under neath–I have popped off keys before, and then wiped with hot water and a washcloth. If its on top then you can just wipe it down—just make sure either way that the cloth is just damp or soaked but well run out, so you don’t drip water.

  • elizabesia

    I’m glad to hear your voice!

    Miss you, big hugs, thinking about you lots.

    *warm, big hug*

    Inpt wards are the worst, no? I totally identify with your sleep deprived state. But it sounds like your priorities are in line.

    I’ve been doing some soul search lately, too. We’ll have to chat over chai (or un submarino at Tango! 🙂 )

  • Anonymous

    If you ever decide to quit Pittsburgh, come join me in LA, where the sun always shines 🙂 lazybum100

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