Written Many Moons Ago

So now I remember…

the glints off the ripples in

the lake.

Looking around

The air warm, buoying my spirits.

His smile lights up his face and my heart

Dark brown hair, dark brown eyes


he reaches out for my hand
I take his
we stroll

A bubble laughter rises in me…I let it go
He laughs with me, we talk
About him, about me, about our

I’ve never felt so alive before
Never wanted something like this before
I’ve got the kool-aid smile
I can’t stop smiling

I guess that’s what love does to you


About papillion

Intense Often Moody Transparent Exquisitely sensitive Animated Never satisfied Curious Eternal Romantic Creative Devotedly Christian Encouraging Multi-layered Loving Quick Judge Critical Forever evolving View all posts by papillion

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