Should I switch weblogs?

Will LiveJournal ever have the nicer formats that Google’s “eblogger”
currently offers?  I’m at the point where I am not appreciating
the options for customizing my LiveJournal but I’ve already invested so
much time into it that I don’t know if it would be worth switching,
especially if they decide to upgrade their free journals.  In
addition, I haven’t any desire to update my account to “paid” which I’m
sure would allow me more options. 

What should I do?

Today was my last day of Ob/Gyn!  Thank the Lord!  I’m glad
to be done.  My exam begins at 10am tomorrow.  I’m not afraid
or worried about it, in fact I’m eerily calm.  I want to study
tonight but I can’t even begin to look at the worksheets or
study.  It’s 5:10pm and I should probably rest my eyes for a bit
shouldn’t I?

I went to G’Iggle to get my script for Allegra D filled and was
informed I had to return in 30 minutes.  Okay.  Came back in
15 or so and was informed that my insurance doesn’t cover
Allegra.  WHAT?  I have UPMC insurance people!  AKA the
largest monopolizing health care system in all of flipping Western
PA!!!  I’m a medical student who up to a year ago couldn’t get eye
or dental insurance and had to pay for health insurance in order to see
patients.  Now how does that work?  Can someone let me
know?  My roomie PhD doesn’t have to pay a thing and is covered
for eye, dental and health! 

I HATE UPMC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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4 responses to “Should I switch weblogs?

  • liondaughter

    Don’t switch! I’m so invested in LJ and I find it hard to read other blogs!

  • liondaughter

    Yeah. Allegra isn’t covered anymore. Hasn’t been for about a year now.


  • Anonymous

    Praise the Lord you’re done with Ob/Gyn! I’ll pray for you on your test tommorrow. What’s your next rotation? By the way, there’s free Allegra samples in the ENT clinic at the Eye and Ear. It’s in their back cabinet. Shhhh… don’t tell anyone I told you 🙂 lazybum100

  • spokaloothezoo

    DOn’t leave! even though I don’t comment a lot I would miss seeing your posts! and will soon hopefully be needing your Ghanaian Wisdom, if I ever find out where in Ghana I will be.

    A lot insurance companies stopped covering allergy drugs like allergra because you can buy clariton D over the counter. Which is suckey because clariton D isn’t exactly cheap!

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