Money, Power, Respect: Money

Money may buy the husk of things, but not the kernel. – Henrik Ibsen

We are obsessed with things!  What kind of life is this where it’s all about the Benjamins, the bling-bling, the stuff?  All of that makes not one iota of difference as to whether or not a soul is right with God and with the world.  What money buys will never satisfy us because we are not beings meant to be satisfied by money.  If all we were meant to do was to accumulate wealth, objects, THINGS then more of us would find happiness in that process–but ask anyone who has tons of stuff and they’ll tell you that they are never happy.  They are never fully satisfied or completed with the acquisition of the newer, the brighter and the better.

Like my Mommy always said; "When I die, will there be a UHaul following my hearse?"


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