Pictures of Mommy

It’s only when we truly know and understand
that we have a
limited time on earth, and that we have no
way of knowing
when our time is up, that we will then begin
to live each
day to the fullest, as if it was the only
one we had.

– Elisabeth Kubler-Ross (1926-)

I began to love again, I realized one all consuming truth:  life
is not granted to all.  We say it.  We write it.  We
sing it.  But do we believe it?  My life can end now, as I
type this entry or it could end in 2067.  I will not know how long
I have to live, how many years I have been granted to accomplish my
particular mission on this earth.  So while I am here, I MUST live
my life to the fullest that I am capable of seeing and reaching. 
For if I do not live to the maximum of all experiences it is because my
vision is limited or I have become forgetful of this truth.

After I began to love again, I realized that like my Mommy’s life; I
was not meant to sit idly by–watching as life continued in a slow
vein, content to be content.  I was meant to wrestle, to breath,
to express, to create, to sorrow, to be ecstatic!  I was meant to
exist–truely exist.  So now I say that I must never regret
anything that I do but also never regret anything that I didn’t do.


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2 responses to “Pictures of Mommy

  • elizabesia

    What a beautiful entry, Ladylord. It really struck a deep chord.

    Your mother was a beautiful woman. I wish I could have known her. I would tell her how wonderful her daughter is. But I think she knows that….

  • daidraemer

    that’s a great picutre. she’s very beautiful. you two have the same smile.
    how are you doing?
    are your friends ok?

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