hiding out

i really should be upstairs rounding on my patients, reading up (again) on the horrendous effects of Mr. C. Difficile, or going over my presentation from this morning so I can give it again to Dr Garrett, but instead I just wolfed down my sphagetti in the staff lounge and have no desire to go back.  i didn’t eat breakfast or lunch today so i was a bit ungood for a while there though fortunately the hunger became a dull ache not associated with the usual screaming headache that arrives when my stomach’s whims are not attended to.

i’m rather sleepy.  saw two cool cases today–a skin graft and a debridement.  the debridement made my skin crawl especially the sound of metal crunching away at soft mushy bone!  aaaargh.  this morning i got to play with some laparascopic instruments which was quite cool–especially the stapler!  solid! 

i’m eating some fruit from a platter and dipping the pieces in some creamy sweet substance–probably goo be gone but it tastes yummy so i’m gonna keep on dipping.  i only dip once though–double dipping is NOT kosher in my book.  i wonder if anyone who is Jewish takes offense when someone who is goyim actually uses the word kosher (which is a word for religiously dictated dietary regulations). 

it’s beautiful outside. i know this b/c i had to leave this morning for the laparascopic work-shop which is half an hour away at Presby in Oakland.  geesh!  no consideration for us St Maggers. 

i’ve decided that God and surgery are going to be my main focuses this month.  God is always a focus, but surgery is going to be added.  i’ve been fighting it–hating how much it consumes my play time but then it struck me that this was my JOB and i needed to stop fighting it and accept it, do it right and learn as much as possible instead of dreading all possible moments.

i do miss my friends though.  it’s only been three days but i’ve been used to seeing people.  i see A3 every night but only for an hour or so before i head off to sleep.  i haven’t seen Flin, Preetebabi, Nefster, or Bola in a few days.  Preetebabi and i were talking almost every day the past few weeks but that will have to go the way of the dodo–sigh.  the plus is that i’m so busy i don’t get to sigh over him, don’t feel the need (or have the opportunity) to call/chat with him when he texts me, and don’t talk about him as much which is always a good thing.  it’s never good to have someone consume too much of your thinking time or heart feelings.

i wasn’t able to check out Flin’s performance last night which sucks.  by the time i got home, took a shower and attempted to read about Mr Diff, I was barely computing.  I did email her to tell her i’m sure she was marvelous!  Bola is graduating this Sunday and I hope to have that day off so that i can go see it and meet her papa.  nefster called me monday to see how my first day of surgery went and understanding its vagaries, gave me the option of calling her later–gotta love her.

my daddy’s birthday was may 9th–i think.  for some reason this year, i’m not sure if it’s the 15th or if that’s my brother’s.  i’m so confused.  i sent him an ecard and called him on monday anyway.  hopefully it was the right day? *eek*  

i am sooo procrastinating right now.  let me check email then get back to it. 


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