Yanking on Your Peritoneum

I am sorely lacking in emails.  When I can’t talk to folk that I regularly hang out with, I like to hear from them via email.  And I haven’t been getting much in the way of email so phooey! 

I like surgery.  I know, I know–it’s long hours and lots of standing on your feet; but my expensive ox-blood Danskos are doing the trick.  My feet don’t hurt as much as the first time I did surgery in sneaks!  Ouch!  I’m big on the independence factor that I have at St Maggy’s. 

I’m going to meet Flin and BK tonight for dinner at the Waterworks.  BK is back from sunny Costa Rica and will be going to Nigeria for some time, perhaps staying there.  So she called me last night and through my blurry haze of attempting to read on lap choles, we scheduled some solid together time.  I need to give Flin her birthday gift as well, so this is a good way to work it all out.

Again, I’m hiding out in the staff lounge.  I have never been in such a friendly, congenial hospital (redundant but humor me).  People smile at me all the time!  They greet me!  I don’t know if it’s b/c I’m a new face or if it’s because I’m black (and there are very few blacks here).  In fact most of the cleaning/ancillary staff is white (new to me as most of the ones in Oakland are black).

Tomorrow I’m on call–a Friday.  Only Jesus knows what will happen.  I hate it when people say my Lord’s name just because.  They say it and don’t even realize that they’re using His name in vain!  I’ve heard so many people say that the past few weeks and it just makes me cringe.  Everytime it happens, I want to stop them and say something but sometimes it happens so fast that I can’t.  A few times I’ve said “oh, so what do you need His help for?” and I get these blank looks.  I absolutely hate it!  They don’t believe so they don’t care that they’re using his name as a swear word.  I would rather they swear than do that!  (okay, breathing slowly now)

PB texted me last night.  Apparently he’s missing his suga mama (yes, yes, I’m his suga mama and he’s my Preetebabi).  I know it’s odd but we have pet names for each other even though we’re not dating–just friends.  Oh!  Something absolutely hilarious happened.  AC told me on Sunday that his mom asked me about my boyfriend and he was surprised, telling her that I didn’t have a boyfriend.  She was adamant that I had a boyfriend and he was Preetebabi!!!  AC told her that I wasn’t dating Babi and she dismissed him with “Oh, you just don’t want ****** to have a boyfriend”.  Imagine that!  How in the world she decided that I had a boyfriend, I don’t even know.  It’s hilarious!  Neffy is convinced that we like each other but refuse to come clean.  I think she just wants some vicarious raucous living to do.

Never drink Robitussin on an empty stomach.  I had three good cups of coffee this morning; one in the GI lab and the other two in Dr Garrett’s office.  The two were by far the better, but the 2nd cup was the best!  Yummy!


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3 responses to “Yanking on Your Peritoneum

  • elizabesia

    Very catchy subject line. Please don’t tell me you’re turing it in to a song…. 😉

    Sounds like your days are pretty crazy. I’ve never been to St. Maggies. I’m glad you like it there. Do you remember the St. Maggies’ crew coming over to lecture on Friday, when we had surgery together? And post-call Friday was the WORST. So painful.
    I’m glad your oxblood Danskos are doing it for you. 🙂 I think I also had support hose for that rotation. Hot and looked funny, but I did feel good after wearing them…

    I’ll have to relate you to my misadventures with self-tanner… *sigh* at least it’s in areas that are easily hide-able!

    I’m going to Denver this weekend for a family wedding. I’m really excited because my sister is going to be there too. 🙂 🙂 🙂 She and her hubby just got back from Egypt (!), narrowly missing being shot at by crazy suicide gun-women. I’m glad they’re back safely. We all deserve a nice vacation, you know? *sigh*

    Hope you continue doing well. Will talk to you soon. *hugs in a big way*


  • ragdollgirl

    hey you!

    glad to see you are doing well….i am going to need you to give me your addy again…i am travelling to foreign places again and i am going to send you postcards!


  • Anonymous

    hope your call goes well tonight. lazybum100

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