Like fingernails on a blackboard

Recently, Mexico’s president revealed his true feelings about African-Americans when he said Mexican immigrants in the United States take jobs “that not even blacks want to do.”

Uhm, what is THAT supposed to mean? That blacks are so low on the humanity scale that somehow if we don’t do something then you KNOW it’s bad? Dang! People, really! So now I know what Mr Fox thinks about blacks! Next time I wanna roll to Mexico, perhaps I should think twice hunh? And people wonder why black folk are so mad–all around the world. We get no respect (and unlike Mr Dangerfield, it’s for real!)

I know that immigrants have it bad in this country, but if you are here illegally, how can you complain about the poor wages, lack of health care etc that you receive in the US? There are Americans who can’t get good wages–and helloooo, they’re AMERICAN!!! You really can’t complain when you’re not SUPPOSED to be here in the first place–dude, you take what you can and move on! Who are you to complain about wages or existence? Now I’m not advocating maltreatment/disrespect but I am pointing out the obvious fact that a beggar can not be a chooser!


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