On a “Clear” Day You Can Surf Forever…

Because you’re too busy pre-oping, incising, discussing the incompetence of every other medical specialty, suturing, cauterizing, making lewd and inappropriate sexual comments, running bowel, splaying open innards, draining, packing and taking inane consults to be bored! Now, if you’re on some tranquil service such as oh, I don’t know, ER or even worse a painfully langorous Pediatric Center, then I’m certain you will have more time than you know what to do with, so this entry is dedicated to you! If for some reason you aren’t anywhere close to the medical field and are pursuing degrees in Chemical Engineering, Astrophysics or some other such easy field; own and work in a restaurant spending more than 15 hours a day invested in making a buck or aspire to theatrical excellence, I am positive that you will have so much free time, that the following websites won’t even whet your appetite!

Let’s start off with 20 Questions. It’s an artificial intelligence game that’ll asks you questions in order to guess the object you’re thinking of–it’s fun and somewhat addictive. If you’re daydreaming about your future offspring, check the Eye Calculator. Maybe you are wondering about household issues? Let Mama help. Want to find out the whereabouts of that crazy guy who sat behind you in lit class–Johnathan L Myerington? Check out Friendster! Maybe you’re in a jaunty mood and want a bit of randomness or comedy with Russell Peters?

While at work, if you have some burning secrets that you would like to share, you could send a postcard to someone who actually cares to hear it! It might make you feel better…but if that’s too frightening for you, play a few games, but make sure the boss is walking by! More of a thinking kind of person? Check out K Chronicles or consider what you want to do with your life and maybe see if you can open up some new vistas because you clearly aren’t trying to be positive at your current employment if you’re surfing these sites!

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