Three GSWs, a hanging, one head beating, 2 falls…

…and 27 hours later; I’ve finished my trauma call.  I arose
yesterday around 4am; performed my morning ablutions and jetted off to
St Maggie’s for another dose of med student dumping.  Unbeknownst
to me, my chief resident returned yesterday and I just had to flow with
it.  He made some desultory remarks about my planning/presentation
skills and was quiet–which was nice.  I hope that all the stuff
that he has to deal with now at home is calming him down
somewhat.  Man, it seems like so long ago that I rounded on
6A!  A jovial breakfast ensued with chief resident making
sarcastic comments during presentations (something he would smash down
in 2.5 sec if someone else was doing it) with surgery afterwards. 
I had a completed bronchoscopy/mediastinoscopy with Yag laser with
Landreneau and Geetha.  I didn’t get to do anything b/c St
Maggie’s doesn’t perform these procedures commonly and therefore
everyone and their momma was there!  When I first walked into the
OR, I was vocally and physically shut out b/c of the laser. 
Perhaps they were testing it–I don’t know.  I was annoyed though
b/c the patient was not in the OR!  The circulator pointed out the
sign outside the door about radiation but that made no difference b/c
technically, that sign was going to be there the WHOLE TIME, even when
the radiation WASN’T ON!  Aaaaargh.  Then to add insult to
injury, one of the other nurses (whom I’m sure disliked me on site),
asked the circulator to see if I was using contaminated gloves to make
phone calls for Landreneau!  What???!!!  Why is it that these
people can’t get it through their thick skulls that my status as a
medical student does not equate with stupidity? 

Rounding and then off to Presby for lectures.  I slept through one
of them (a 2 hour monstrosity of a bore).  After Tisherman’s
rounds, I met with him to discuss my evaluation.  I need to read
more and think more about my plan for patients.  I told him I
didn’t feel like I had time to read b/c I had to run around acting like
an intern.  It didn’t get through to him b/c he loves my
chief—like every other flipping surgeon in this place!  I can’t
stand it!  I just can’t stand it!  After rounds it was off to
Trauma call night but–nothing happened until…drum roll please…1
am!  29 y/o male double lung transplant secondary to CF who
presented with small bowel obstruction.  It was so foul! 

We made a vertical abdominal incision and saw honking large dilated
small bowel filled to the gullet with stool!  Now let me inform
you that the small bowel absorbs nutrients, water and such so there
should be NO stool in the small bowel–it should all be in the colon
(aka large intestine).  Well, his small bowel was just stuffed
with thick, well-formed stool.  This wasn’t a problem until we
made an incision and the stool drained out!  OH, MY GOSH!!!! 
The stench of it was beyond overwhelming!  I stood there,
assisting and smelling!  Assisting and smelling.  Assisting
and smelling.  I knew I was in trouble in I started to feel warm,
my bowels felt like they needed to move and I got shaky.  I told
the attndng and the fellow that I had to sit down and sat there for
almost half an hour.  At some point they told me to go downstairs
to the trauma bay and I felt like a putz!  But what was I going to
do?  The entire OR reeked of feces, the stench traveled through
the hallways!

Down to the trauma bay I went and for the next four hours (till now)
followed one trauma after another.  We had three GSWs (gun shot
wounds); a man who hung himself only to endure a traumatic fall when
his girlfriend found him and cut him down; and two falls (one of which
was an inebriated woman who fell off a wall) and a man who was shanked
on the head after walking out of a bar.  It was great to be back
in something that I enjoyed!  I did a two week stint of Trauma
before I had to leave school the last time and loved it!  Janna
and I used to sing: “I’m losing my mind, slowly but surely.  I’m
losing my mind, in trauma surgery” LOL.  Anyway, I had a great
time and wowed the socks off the fellow–to the point where he told me
he was going to fire off a note to Tisherman saying I was the best
medical student he had worked with since he arrived at Presby! 
Woohoo!  Thank God for the small things.  And you know
what–this is partly my chief resident’s fault.  Why?  I’m so
used to running around, trying to pick up all the pieces and make
everyone else’s life easier so I don’t get yelled at, that I just do it
now.  I go around anticipating the needs of my superior which
will–according to some reports–make me a better intern.

So now it’s 7:40 am and I have student case presentations to attend in
20 minutes up at you guessed it, the chief resident’s family donated
surgical center.  At 12:30, I am meeting Lisa at India Garden (NOT
India Oven) for lunch.  This will be followed by a 2:00 hair
trimming appointment at Natural Choice.  I need to go home before
12:30 so I can condition my hair, take a shower and destress. 
Then it’s nap–wake up for maaad studying at Scaife–sleep, up for
church, work on my Saturday presentation and read for the OR cases
thisi week.  God give me strength!!!!!


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