Malfunctioning Eggs

My brother says my entries are too long.  I guess he has a point but then again, it’s my journal right?  And if someone can’t stand to read all I have to say, perhaps he shouldn’t stop by hunh? 

10:38 pm.  Tired as a mug.  One of my surgical attendings
told me to get pregnant ASAP b/c I’m getting old, my eggs won’t last
long and the busy life of a doctor doesn’t allow for much give when it
comes to that.  Besides, I don’t really need a man–I mean it
would be nice to have someone to help with taking care of the
child(ren) but still, I should consider it.  Having children is
considered by many as the most important achievement in a person’s
life.   She had a difficult time conceiving and at age 40, is
feeling the burn of having a surgical career and two young
children.  What do you say to that?

“Well, Dr G– I would like to conceive but I would also like to find a
man before I do that.  I don’t believe I should get inpregnated by
my local Indian restauranteur and good friend just because my eggs are
exploding, my hormones are raging and my life is coming to a slow and
painful end–but thanks for the advice?”


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2 responses to “Malfunctioning Eggs

  • liondaughter

    Kids need fathers. I believe that firmly no matter what your jagoff attending says.

  • ragdollgirl


    it ain’t just you….i will be 27 in less than 4 weeks and i am sooo getting the same talk too….but i have faith that i will end up with the right man and get married and pregnant and all that good stuff…just hold on and endure..our time is a comin’………..

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