Coagulated Thoughts

One lonely day I sent out an email listing nine separate quotes, asking the respondents to reply with their thoughts on each quote.  The following lists one of those quotes and the corresponding responses.

My true love brought me flowers tonight,
and I’m all smiles and song.
I guess I’m doing something right–
or he’s done something wrong!
– Maureen Cannon

**To get want you want, you need sometimes to drop some small hint, because guys are not always the smartest ones. They need more guidance and help when it comes to understand girls (their loved ones). Nobody is perfect and especially guys, but they can learn and in most of the cases they are ready to do so, and after a while they can be close to perfection. But don’t ask them for the moon the first day, they might get scared… In general, man also have some sense of affection but maybe the definition in their mind is a little different from yours.
**It’s a female adage that a man who brings you flowers after your relationship has been established is a bad omen, but it’s bullshit really. Bottom line, its the thought that counts. I mean we should only be so lucky, men with initiative? OY! Show me where they are! :o)
*Selfish woman!
*A’int that the truth, or at least or inital thoughts.  I find that when someone does something nice for you, especially a sig. other, after the how sweet thought comes the but why?…..  What did you do, or forget to do?…  What have I done?.. What do you want that you think requires my permission?…But hey that’s just the cynic in me.  Sometimes we do things just to say I love you, I appreciate you, and I’m glad your in my life.

*Our lady Maureen has trust issues!
*Women often complain about guys not bringing flowers home “just becuase”.  What they don’t think about is how often they do something “just becuase” for their man.  Everyone gets caught up in the day-to-day/ status quo, and it’s up to both the man and the woman to break the couple out of that rut.




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