rapid fire thoughts

Last night I threw a party for myself.  I invited as many people
as I could.  Told them to bring food or starve, and waited. 
They showed up.  Like clockwork–my people showed up, and they had
a good time–if I do say so myself.  I pray that when I move to
San Francisco/Oakland/Houston/San Diego that I will be blessed with
such good friends who will be silly, hang out and enjoy

We ate meat pie by Ade, chicken fried rice & sweet/sour chicken by
Nef, lasagna made by Andrea, Indian Chicken made by Sanna, Rice and
Shrimp stew by me, Quiche by Kirk (that has a wonderful ring to it),
Tartes by Yannick (oh my gosh!  were they works of art or what?),
chocolate chip cookies by Joanna, brownies and ice cream sundaes by
Sarah…if I’ve forgotten anyone oh well.  We ate well last
night!  And don’t forget the wine–all kinds of wine from all
kinds of people including Laurent, Sarah and some other folk.

So who was there?  Nef, Sarah, Andrea & Von, Joanna, Arthur,
Ade, Janna, Justin, Amina, Luis, Sanna, Kia, Yannick, Laurent, Vic,
Ijeoma, Mia, Deliang, Vincent, Tiffany and her guy friend, one of
Laurent’s French friends.  Any more?  I can’t remember. What’s funny is how folk find each ohter at my parties. So far two couples have developed from my shindigs. I’m wondering if there’s another one in the works? 
It was LIVE!

Today, I’m tired.  Woke up from 6 hours of sleep @ 10am. 
Went shopping!  Bought four really cute hip shirts (make me feel
like a youth), Common’s new CD “Be” and Will Smith’s new CD “Lost and Found”, ear
rings, and an adaptor so I can listen to my own music in my car instead
of constantly flipping for good music (which is not what you find
anywhere in da burgh).  So I’m really feeling this CD yall! 
Gonna take a little nap and then hit the movies “Batman Beyond” yall!

So this whole liking Vik thing?  It ain’t cool–I hung out with
him and was hugging on him right?  So I ‘ve decided that it’s good
I’m Christian ’cause when I like a guy it’s hard not to want to be
close to him.  And it was nice when he held me close to him. 
I suppose that’s what liking someone is all about.  My brother
tells me to kill the seed before it grows.  What do you do when
the seed has already grown? 


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