Buzzing On Happiness

is my first day of Family Medicine AI at Shadyside Hospital.  So far,
so good.  I actually know a decent amount of medical stuff–ain’t that
sumpin’ yall?  Anyhoo–I had my party Friday night and it was niiiice. 
Good food, good dancing and just happiness all around.  I was buzzing
on happiness people (and I know there are people reading this badboy
b/c everytime I post, the number of hits goes up–so who are you? 
Don’t be afraid to step into the light now.) 

I got some tees this weekend from Target (‘tar-jhea’ for the
bougie).  Solid!  Got an adaptor for my car so now I can listen to
whatever music I desire!  Woohoo!  Got some good “work” ear rings
(quite essential).  Need to look into shoe shopping.  Yall–“Batman
Begins” is HAWT!!!!  WHAT???  YEAH!!!  OKAY!!!!  True to form, true to
form.  Yall needs to go see it!  I was impressed–my new favorite
hottie might just be…Christian Bale.  He needs a little work though,
but hey, he’s young!

Sunday I hit up Cassandre’s bbq–I liked it.  Chill, all XXs.  Solid!

Hung out this weekend with Mia-Mia!  She’s so cool.  I mean, what? 
The girl has class, she’s got vision and she’s walking the walk of
faith.  Hawt!

Besides that–well, I should be going home soon but I need to get
some scan results from an OSH!  Aaaargh.  I have to decide if I’ll just
stay here and study for a couple of hours or go home and study.  I
think I’ll stay here otherwise I’ll end up at home, watching crazy
movies or something.

love, peace and hair grease  


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