Bee Balm

Attendant session with Dr Gallik (a genteel man), rounding (again independently) on my patients and then admissions.  Sign out some days then WHAM go home!

Woohoo!  It’s good to be Queen.  LOL.  Not to say that I’m all that but you know what?  Surgery took so much out of me yall.  Whew!  The irony of it is that I learned more, hone my skills more and became more confident through that hellish rotation.  I still am not down with my chief but hey–he taught me much. 

I don’t know how or when, but somehow I feel more at ease.  It seems that once I finished surgery, I felt freer.  And if you’ve been through surgery, you completely understand where I’m coming from yall!  It was reeediculous!  WHAT-WHAT? (gruffly said in an old British colonel imitation).

Yeah, surgery rocked my world–but it taught me how to deal with asses.  And there sure are a lot of asses in the world arent’t there?  It’s so odd–what is acceptable in an OR would never be acceptable in the real world!  Frustrated Attendings throwing instruments into the field; dirty slightly homo-erotic jokes; heck-just plain dirty jokes period!; moody, explosive, condescending surgeons who want their minds read–yup, it wouldn’t be allowed out there; but here, in the sacred halls of the OR–surgeons reign supreme!

And you know what?  It don’t matter if they’re a bad doc as long as they’re a good surgeon.  Where else does that hold true?  I challenge anyone to give me a specialty where such behavior is overlooked!

I love summer!


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