On foreign accents, vengeance and Sikh-dar

A couple of nights ago, Ade and I decided to hit up the theaters in our neighborhood. 

Along with Mia we purchased tickets at Cinemagic on Forbes to enjoy Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie as “Mr and Mrs Smith”, respectively.  Before this however, we dined at the most established restaurant of ‘Subway’ where in our impeccable manner (sans Mia) jousted with the clerks.  A jolly time was had by all and towards the end of the acquisition of subs, the two clerks were attempting to reply to us in different accents–ranging from Sith to Yoda to that huge furry creature who was Han Solo’s best friend.  It was hilarious.  I believe we scared off a tall Brit who only joined in with his version of “tomahtoe” not “tomaaato”. Marvelous!  Nefertiti did drop in and acquire for herself a delicious sub, but was unfortunately, unable to rendezvous with us at the theatah

Then it was hop into our awaiting carriage to see the movie, which was simply delicious!  The acting was excellent–seemingly much impromptu and the lines were witty!  I do believe we three black girls were by far the loudest of all the audience members.  We laughed uproarously and deservedly so!

A few nights before, I attended the viewing of “Batman Begins” with my most esteemed colleagues–Mia, Sarah and Michelle.  This particularly dark and brooding picture made me glad I was a batman semi-aficionado.  It was a marvelous throwback to the original torture and desire for vengeance of this winged crusader.  And to top it off, during a particular scene where playboy Wayne has again reunited with his long lost childhood friend (a now strongly opinionated and highly moral lawyer in the DA office), a Sikh passed by behind Wayne.  When I pointed this out to the lady on my right (Mia), she astutely replied “Really? I did not see him, but yes, you have Sikh-dar”.  *huge grin*  And do you know what my dears?  She’s perfectly correct.  *wink* LOL.

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3 responses to “On foreign accents, vengeance and Sikh-dar

  • spokaloothezoo

    Hey! I have had two postcards, one from Paraguay and one from Brazil, all written out to you…since I was in Paraguay like in February or January. ummmm and I never sent them! Because I need your adress again! But they will be sent from Cheney Washington, because thats where I am at now, so not AS cool but still who can say they have a postcard from PAraguay…especially one mailed from Cheney!

    • ladylord

      send me your email addy and I’ll send you my address…

      • spokaloothezoo

        okay its rohayhu_siempre_paz at yahoo dotcom (at is symbol–blocks robots)

        hey soon, like hopefully before July 5th I will be finding out where in Ghana I will be for the next six months! But it could be after that. Like July 6th. Anyway I leave New York the 7th and arrive in Accra on the 8th!

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