Decoding photographs,,284445_600347-5,00.html
Decode Your Photos!

Feeling brave? Pull out those pictures and put your own relationship to the test.

Are your bodies touching, or is there space between you?
As a rule, the closer your stance, the tighter your romance. But a little
distance hardly spells divorce. It may just mean that you both value your
independence (say, by keeping
individual checking accounts or taking the occasional separate vacation).

Are both of you looking in the same direction?
It’s a sign you’re a connected couple. Focusing on different points, on the other hand, can mean that one of
you was distracted or going through a
difficult time — or even that you’re headed in opposite directions.

Is one of you leaning away?
Uh-oh. This could indicate waning interest. (Of course, if it’s a
candid shot in which you’re doing something such as getting dipped
while dancing, this rule definitely doesn’t apply.)

Are your eyes locked?
Gazing directly at each other —
not the camera — screams
superconnected couple.

How wide are your smiles?
The most genuine grins have a big
distance from side to side and
from top to bottom, with lots of teeth and gums showing. (They may not
be the most attractive smiles, but they’re heartfelt.)

Where are your hands?
All over each other? You’re a
passionate, demonstrative pair. We’re guessing you’ve chanced a few pretty racy public displays of affection.
Gently resting on each other?
You’re less out there with your
affection but have an intense bond behind closed doors.
Pressing hard into each other? One word: possessive.
Stuck in your pockets? You’re
unusually reserved. It could even mean you’re keeping secrets.


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