I ordered two books from the library: “Body Language Secrets” and “How
to attract anyone, anytime, anyplace”.  All of this dates back to
my high school obsession with understanding people.  In  high
school I was one of the first people on the library list for “Men are
from Mars, Women are from Venus”, spent a great deal of time flipping
through books on how faces and handwriting reveal personality.  I
even did some research on color schemes and what they mean (especially

Arthur Charles mentioned something about a prof of his who used to be
able to interpret a relationship between a man and woman by their body
language in candid photographs.  This got me thinking especially
when I showed them a picture of me and my crush.  Ade mentioned
that he is holding on to me very tightly (to the point where my chest
is pressed into his, flattening my breasts.  So I read that his having his arm
all the way around me is a possessive gesture and that how we are
standing (turned into one another but facing the camera) without any
space between us reveals our closeness.  However, I wonder because
I am turned in more toward him than he is turned toward me and our
heads are inclined away from one another.  My head is inclined
further away from him than his is though his head is inclined slightly
away.  My eyes are wide open and I’m smiling HUGE with my teeth
slightly parted so you can see a little bit of my tongue.  His
smile is small, no teeth. I have yet to see him smile with teeth. I’m thinking it must be a subconscious thing.  

Did you know there are people out there who for some fee will read the
picture for me?  Dude–that’s money I don’t have!  So I’m
kinda guessing too.  This leads me back to the matter at
hand–body language.  I’m still surfing the net and I’m sure I’ll
find something more concrete out there!  Wish me luck yall!

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