Family Medicine Final Thoughts: AM

My last day of my Family Medicine Acting Internship is today–July 8th, 2005.  Why can’t all rotations be as uplifting as this one has been?  Seriously though–it’s been a vacation here at Shadyside.  I’ve been welcomed, taught, prompted and coddled.  Warm, soft, downy blankets encompass me.

It will not be easy.  I’ve bonded with some of these people and don’t know what I’m going to do without having them around.  Like Haj, Edwardo and Moses.  They have all been solid!  Speaking of which, the 3rd year surgery resident from St Maggies (Geetha) emailed us all with the following:

Hello Karen, Akua, Jeff, and Matt-  I just wanted to tell you guys
that you did a fantastic job at St. Margaret’s over the course of
April/May/June.  Keep up the hard work during 4th year.  I didn’t get
a chance to give you formal feedback at the end of the rotation.  Hope
the shelf exam went well.  If any of you need advice or help with
applications/interviews, please feel free to page/e-mail me anytime.
Thanks again for all of your help and enthusiasm during a very busy


Wow hunh?  Ain’t God something else yall? You remember this is the rotation from hell right?  Well, I suppose even in hell God can move :^D.  I will miss this place.  It’s been good to me.



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2 responses to “Family Medicine Final Thoughts: AM

  • elizabesia

    *hugs* I’m so proud of you for being done. I’m also really glad it went so well for you. It will be hard, huh? There’s some intense bonding that occurs during AIs.

    Are you feeling any better?

    And btw–crazy dream you had the other day. Almost like you were on mefloquin or something… 😉 Anyway, I think maybe it was prompted by your previously present anxieties rather than being a herald of the future or a warning. What do you think?

    *hugs again, for good measure*

    • ladylord

      yeah, it was a VIVID dream and i think it was just so much wrapped in all the stuff that i’ve been thinking about but not able to do anything about y’know?

      i am feeling better–thanks–my cold isn’t as strong and i’m not sneezing as much. i don’t know what that was all about.

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