john coltrane, spiderman and hypertension

i just realized that my friend didn’t make an entry for when i went to SF and saw him.  he has pictures but no entry.  oh well.

spent today at the library.  studying.  got a lot of questions right.  did 80 questions and got most of them right!  as in only missed 16! yaaay me.  the library is solace for me.  i start CAMC tomorrow again.  don’t have any idea how that will work itself out as they think i’m in there for 6 weeks and i’ve only got 4 weeks.  Only Jesus.

read two graphic novels.  borrowed five more and two real books.  gonna see if my other books are here.  cloistered in the library.  what a wonderful place!  quiet, chock full of ideas…no reason to ever think any of my thoughts.  a good place to go for just hanging out.

a cute little Indian boy just sat down next to me with his mom on the other side.  he’s trying to play with the computer but he doesn’t have any login so he’s just pressing keys.

me and Indie have been hanging out today.  i’ve listened to the CD multiple times and will continue to listen to it.  it’s good calming, by yourself music.

i talked to God a lot this morning.  it was good.  i told him that i didn’t know what was going on and He told me (through the devotional) that his angels were watching over me, ready to help.  and that I was His.  that’s good b/c i’ve been wondering if we were still cool.  been feeling so distant from him–but then again, feeling versus fact. 

this weekend Nef came by to eat thai curry chicken and drink sangria.  sunday was hanging out in the park (flagstaff hill) with Mia and Ade.  Sanna randomly showed up.  I saw a few people there that I knew.  it was nice.  there was an indian festival.  had some tikka masala, nan, rice, pakora, samosa.  watched ‘bride and prejudice’.  ridiculous movie–but funny.  very funny.


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