yesterday yours truly threw a surprise birthday party for one of the
nicest guys I know (pnjbi lova #1–Vic)!  Anyway, I told him last week
that I was going to take him out for his birthday and when I called him
yesterday he was like; “well, I’m here and I gotta do this and do that”
and I was like “WHAT!!!  don’t do this!  we GOTS plans!”  and sho nuff,
he got real quiet like…”uhm, i’ll be there”.  i had to pull that “we
ain’t having it”-shank on him (had 10 ppl waiting for him–how would
that look yall?).  and he was here.  he called right before he left

him: “uhm, you ready?” 

me: “how long will it take you?”

him: “10 minutes”

me: “i’ll be ready by the time you get here.”

and yup, he was there by 8pm yall! on point!  otherwise he would have gotten shanked…lol…

 anyhooo—there were 10 people there and it was so cute!  when we got
there; they all put their menus in front of their faces and he didn’t
even notice!  then they all yelled “surprise” and it was a thing of

he was sooo happy!  and i was happy to see him happy.  he got these
beautiful balloons that Nef brought him!  thanks NEF!!!!  well done! 
yannick bought the cake and everybody brought him cards.  it made me
feel grateful and honored to have such good friends.  (and just to show
how nice Vic is so you feel me); he offered the waitress a piece of his

later we left for Buckles for some coffee and late night chatting. 
talked for a hot minute and then took a sista home.  i was flippitigy

today i’m still tired yall.  had a trek out yesterday by T to bethel
park and walked like half an hour to the clinic!  and then came home,
showered and surprised the boy.  went to bed kinda late cause of the
chitchat and went to bed after catching up with the roomie.  got up
early this am for bridgeville and gonna have my CCA tomorrow!  dang–i
ain’t got no otolaryngoscope!  it doesn’t work.  oh well–i’ll let them
know that it fell apart on me and call it a day.  it’s 9:07 now and you
best be believin’ that i’m out!


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