Recap Nuptials

A friend of mine got married this past weekend at Phipps Conservatory here in da burgh. To say it was wonderfully beautiful, openly warm and sincerely Christian is to attempt to summarize what was the best wedding I’ve ever attended.

The bride was radiant. The groom was beaming. The parents were proud. The friends were joyful. The family was welcoming. All in all, I had a ridiculously lovely time. My good friend Ibrahim–whom I’m madly in love with–(as noted in prior entry) flew in from San Fran and brought along his digital camera to record the happy nuptials:

Manuel took a red eye from San Fran on Friday night to be here and the three of us breakfasted at Pamela’s. Gits was here too! I haven’t seen that girl in over six years yall! Six years! Whew! And witty Matt was at the wedding as well. Gits I saw when she came in with Manuel from the aeroport on Saturday but she hopped it over to temple and then returned to whisk Manuel back to the airport to abscond with Matt. Then Ibrahim and I jaunted about the hill in search of film, sun and stories. We found them all. From there it was back home for pre-nuptial ablutions. Arthur Charles came along with Ade, myself and Ibrahim to Phipps. Och! The whole ceremony was beautiful! No one could have asked for a nicer day! Sun was shining bright in a baby blue cloudless sky! The bridesmaids were handsome and the grooms were well suited.

The sermon was on pointe! They even had a brochure detailing the traditional ceremony. I loved how there was no “high table” where the wedding party was sequestered. In fact, there were round tables all over and everyone just plopped wherever. After the ceremony while the wedding party was shooting the requisite photo album, the guests mingled in the garden while being offered lamb chops, salmon canapes, and other assorted hors d’ouevres. Then the actual food was buffet style appetizers and it was the best tasting wedding food I’ve ever had!

Music was live! His name is Tim and I’ve seen him about da burgh. He had vinyl yall! VINYL! That’s what I’m talking about! We danced and danced and danced until they told us to be up on out! From there it was home to shower, change and be off to a hotel for late night aperitif with possible dancing. The group hung out until Manuel, Matt and Gits left. Then the younger crew showed up, showered, dressed to impress and read to go get dey dance on! I was much too tired and declined to go out clubbing though. To home, a bit of whining that Ibrahim had to leave and then blessed sleep.

Promptly at 5:30amish I dreamt about Ibrahim and like clockwork, he knocked on my door. A quick change and we jumped into the awaiting carriage for destination: airport. Hugs (no tears) and Ibrahim was gone–just like that. Sigh.

Manuel is getting married sometime next spring–April, methinks–in Detroit. Hopefully the flight will be quick and the wedding will be waaay too much fun! Then the next time I’ll see anyone will be at my graduation in May 06.

Well, my eyes are drooping, my lenses are dry, my fingers are slow and my head doesn’t want to think anymore so…check out the website! The pix are marvelous!


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