Rule the World

Remember no prayer goes unanswered.  Remember that the moment a
thing seems wrong to you, or a person’s actions to be not what you
think they should be, at that moment begins your obligation and
responsibility to pray for those wrongs to be righted, or that person
to be different.

Face your responsibilities.  What is wrong in your country, its
statesmen, its laws, its people?  Think out quietly, and make
these matters your prayer matters.  You will see lives you never
touch altered, laws made at your request, evils banished.

Yes! live in a large sense.  Live to serve and to save.  You
may never go beyond one room, and yet you may become one of the most
powerful forces for good in your country, in the world.

You may never see the mighty work you do, but I see it, evil sees
it.  Oh! it is a glorious life, the life of one who saves. 
Fellow-workers together with me.  See this more and more.

Love with me, sharers of My life.

God Calling


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