When did the music industry decide that copying CDs was bad?  When
did the fuss start and why?  When the dude from Napster figured
out how to work the system to his benefit and the bigwigs couldn’t
handle that they were too stupid to do the same thing.  So they
create hullaballoo about “piracy” and “the rights of the artist”
because they feel stupid for not being the ones who thought this
shareware/download up so they could get more dolo.  Why is this
that deep?  Where were the studio execs back in the 80’s and 90’s
when we used to make MIXED TAPES?  Heck we made mixed tapes from
the radio and then passed them around to our friends.  And it was
hot.  What about the library?  How often have you gone to the
library and ripped music off of the CDs?  And if I buy a CD, it’s
mine right?  So what’s it to anyone if I decide to let 5 people
rip that CD to their computers and then share it on their private
network?  What about when I was at CWRU and we had our network
between all the computers in the dorms and from dorm to dorm?  I
downloaded so much music it wasn’t funny!  LOL. 



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