far away…

The crush called two nights ago.  From India nonetheless. 
Whoa hunh?  It was about midnight and being the addict that I am,
I was playing a downloaded “Jewel Quest” and didn’t realize that my
cell phone was on so when it rang, startled was I!  I blinked a
few times trying to readjust my eyes while my mind feverishly raced
about dreaming up every ungood situation possible which would lead to a
late night call.  Because really, there are only two types of late
night calls: the someone’s
phone call or the booty call. 

Now before the masculine parental unit returned from India, the crush
used to text msg me after midnight (he always knew when I was thinking
about him ’cause that’s when he would text) but it had been some time
since one of those floated into my mobile.  Besides he was
chilling in India–so he never crossed my mind.  In fact the only
thing that came to mind was that my brother was in trouble.  This
was complicated by the fact that the first 3 digits were ‘917’ which I
assumed to be somewhere out there, perhaps California?  So I
answered rather hesitantly:

“hey, wsup”
pause for voice recognition
“WHOA–Vic???!!! Dude, I miss you!  Wsup??? I tried to text msg you ‘Happy Independence Day’ but it didn’t go through.”

He  informed me that his phone wasn’t able to call b/c of some
unavailable service but that they were sitting there and he opened the
cellie and my name was first so he called.  Okay, so it’s not even vaguely
romantic but he didn’t have to call.  I’m wondering whose phone he
used?  Or if he used his own?  Who knows. 

The conversation was a few seconds over 3 minutes and I know this
because I was flabbergasted and because it went so fast!  He told
me that he was alive and well in his village, that he was going to take
his Mom and brother to the aeroport as they were leaving for da burgh
and wanted to know what I was up to.  I told him a few things to
which he responded appropriately (grant, working out, dealing with
pysch in the community helping people with all their issues

He asked about my friends, about Peaches and how she was faring. 
He wanted to know when she was leaving b/c he had post cards to send
her and I told him just to send them the next day (which would have
been yesterday) and he agreed.  He told me to tell all that he
sent his greetings.  That was about the extent of the conversation.

I was so pleased afterwards that I immediately shot off an email to anyone who was remotely interested in the boy–

Good Evening,.

It is my fondest wish and desire that as I take quill in hand (rather
metaphorically, what), to pen this post, that it will find you well.

I must inform you that I was sitting here, feverishly playing “Jewel
Quest” when I was startled to hear my mobile ring.  It being
almost midnight and me having forgotten that my mobile was even ON,
I picked up the cell rather suspiciously–blinking away the video game
induced film that covered my eyes–and checked to see if it was anyone
that I knew.  I don’t know why I thought I could possibly figure
out who was calling me from the 917 area code as I’m only conversant
with about five area codes, but try I did–to no avail (a fact that is
all conveniently cleared up as you continue to peruse this missive).

Now since the majority of calls that normally come this late are oft
harbingers of ill-fortune I was a bit shaken to be pulled out of my
Quest induced reverie–but all my immediate anxiety was in vain as to
my pleasant surprise the voice on the other line was none other than
our friendly neighborhood Punjabi restauranteur and halker of
opium-laced chai –— aka —

As some of you may or may not know, Vic is on a month long sojourn in
his homeland of Punjab (India) but finding himself with a cell phone in hand and time on
his hands, he decided to chat me up.  After a brief hurried
conversation, I am pleased to inform you that he is currently resting
in his home village, sounded quite upbeat and wished me to greet all
his friends in the city known as Pittsburgh.  Therefore…

“HULLO!” [when you next see him, you can verify as to the promptness with which I dispatched the duty placed upon me]

Now that my enjoyable task has been completed and I have been jolted
out of gaming mode, I suppose I should go to sleep, eh what?

sincerely yours,

I thought it was a rather witty email meself.  Anyhoo, it was good
to hear his voice.  Didn’t know I missed it.  Yes, I knew I
missed him (on a cerebral level) but didn’t know how much I missed
parts of him–even his voice.  So Peaches wrote back with the


YAYERS!! You were the FIRST called!


That’s all I’m gonna say about that. :oP

Amusing non?  I thought so. Triple Threat thought that it was a
sweet thing for him to do.  I agree with her on that point. 
So what do I feel about it?  I am pleased.  It’s nice to be
thought of, even if it’s only because I was the first name on the


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