Partied last night at Deja Vu with my girls. Had a blast. “Bhangra”ed till I couldn’t bhangra no more. It was in celebration of India’s Independence Day and it was solid. This was strictly for the grown…and well, not so sexy; but it was for the grown. As usual my ladies turned out and as usual the fellas didn’t know what to do with themselves. Hah!

I saw some Desis that I knew from around da burgh (go Punjab!) And I saw my genetics prof from the Med school getting his groove on! What! YEEAH. Get your swerve on, Doc–ain’t no shame up in yo game! That’s what I’m talking ’bout!

I really enjoyed myself last night. There were a few moments of sadness when I remembered about the crush (esp being Desi and all) but that’s to be expected I suppose. But I couldn’t let myself stay in that “space” could I?

The only other problem with the place is that it’s too flipping small! I mean what’s really good with that? Got all these brown people jumping up and down, hair swishing in our faces, feet getting stepped on–dude, the majority of them had no concept of personal space and would just as quickly run you down as look at you. I mean, what’s really good? This is not the first time I’ve gone to a bhangra party in da burgh and almost returned black and blue from Desis without concepts of personal boundaries.

I’m just saying that even if there are a lot of people at other parties, I don’t get stepped on; elbowed or swished with hair as much. Perhaps it’s an inherent concept of personal space? Perhaps they feel that I have no right to be there so they can trample on me? Dude, I don’t even know what’s really good with that. The last good Desi party I went to was at Dowe’s on 9th. We had so much fun! And you know what? There was TONS of space. That could explain it…


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