we’re throwing a back to school party in shades of blue labor day
weekend.  it should be beaucoup fun.  looking forward to
it.  Fuego is having a party tomorrow and i didn’t even know whom
for until a couple of days ago when Michel told me that it was a party
for fuego’s summer housemates who were leaving. aaah.  i
see.  who knew?  people just tell me there’s a party and that
they’re inviting me and please come.  lol.

i’m also looking forward to getting my loan check and my brakes fixed.

i made this good pesto pasta today!  watch out world, here I
come!  so you saute shrooms in oil, chives, chicken bouillon cube,
italian seasonings and jamaican meat seasonings.  prepare bowtie
pasta and vegetables.  then throw them all together with a little
more oil, pesto and cubes and you’ve got a marvelous dish!  Triple
Threat and I had seconds and I was pleasantly surprised by its
tastiness.  take some new white potatoes (not big idahos), slice
them lengthwise and place them in a baking dish with a mixture of oil,
chives, salt, pepper and jamaican seasonings.  bake!  they’re
excellent.  take some vegetables, toss them in a pan with teriyaki
sauce, soy sauce, ginger and a little bit of brown sugar!  you’ve
got great veggies! 

i’ve lost 10 lbs since i started working out!  woohoo!  it’s
not easily identifiable because i’m big but it’s okay.  i know i
lost it.  and i know that my energy level as increased and i’m not
sleepy during the day.  i can dance for longer periods of time
without needing to rest for air or pushing through any
exhaustion.  it’s good to be working out.  my girl Cece and I
have been working out religiously and it’s showing!  woohoo.

i’m debating if i should just get in bed and sleep now cause i’m tired
right now, read a bit and fall out or if i should try to work on this
grant some tonight and the rest the next two days?  i’m leaning
toward just going to bed soon (yes i know it’s not even 9pm yet but

i was able to get one of my docs to say he would write me a
recommendation!!!!!! woohoo!  it’s great!  he’s a bigwig so
you know i’m pumped about that. 

i just went to the kitchen to wash my glass and i broke it in the sink. aaargh!


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