pray that you will find the strength to keep you going on

I think I’m going to officially pass out now.  I’ve spent the past
three nights cleaning my life over from the past year and a half. 
Now that I know without a shadow of a doubt that I’ve passed my third
year, I can afford to throw away all those pesky pieces of paper! 
And this includes bills, receipts, wedding invitations, walnut capital
holiday postcards, statements etc.  How could I let all this pile
up on me?  Well, for long periods of time I’ve had to go without
cash flow and whenever the bills/statements rolled in, I just set them
aside and paid off what I could when I could.  Hence, the piles of
bills/statements that are no longer of any use being torn and
tossed.  It feels good yet is to tiring. 

I just finished Hazel Hucker’s “The Trial of Friendship”.  Enjoyed
it immensely.  It’s been a few moons since I found a book that I
enjoyed thoroughly.  It felt good to immerse myself in someone
else’s drama today.  I had to take the bus all over the place and
when you’re waiting in the hot sun, a good book is a must!  I plan
on reading McCall’s “Sunday Brunch ” soon. 

Currently, my life is nice.  God is healing my heart. 
Whenever I start thinking about him too much I remember “Cast out
negative thoughts.  Refuse to dwell on things that annoy you” and I
look at something else.  Lately it’s been the finishing of the
grant, now the cleaning of my life, the “Shades of Blue” back to school
party tomorrow night, motivational interviewing in preparation for my
AI starting on Tuesday (for which I plan on reading tom/monday, typing
up and printing cheat sheets).  Starting next month my AI during
which I will also write my personal statement and fill out my
ERAS.  Then CCM followed by Complementary Medicine (during both
months I will be studying for the Boards).  December comes as ID
and that’s that for 2005.  January is my month of interviewing
followed by Women’s Health, Clinical Neuro and then Clinical
Radiholiday and the nothing until graduation!  Woohoo!

It seems as if my life is just moving along in its stride with this
crazy deadline looming.  August was the fastest moving month in
all of known history.  And I”m becoming accustomed to my
senioritis.  Enough to understand its existence and do stuff on a
daily basis to prevent the ennui from becoming destructive.


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