Yellow ain’t no coward’s color

I wore yellow today
And I reflected the sunflowers, lemonade, summers and sweetness
That was me today.
Because I needed to be happy inside
And yellow always does that
For Me.

I used to keep my yellow crayons
Never wanting to use up
Their brightness on mundanity like blue lined paper
Instead I wanted to keep that radiance
For Me.

But today I wore sunshine in me
Because I’m tired of looking at the world through
Shaded glasses
And I wanted to live a life
Where I didn’t care that people looked at me instead of looking in me
So I used some yellow
Instead of saving all the yellow
For me

I wore sunshine today
Because I could
And my heart didn’t care so much if I should
Today I lived for me
I walked for me and talked for me and ate for me
I read for me and laughed for me and LIVED
For Me

Cause yellow ain’t no coward’s color
Or sissy streak
It doesn’t brook arguments or defend itself defiantly
Yellow doesn’t care who’s staring, who’s talking or who’s funning
Yellow means you’ve got your own
And that’s all you need
To be you


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