Uhmmm…okay…and brain cells keep dying…

Kara Walton sued the owner of a nightclub and won $12,000 plus dental
expenses after she fell out of the bathroom window through which she
was using to sneak into the club in order to avoid the $3.50 cover

A man who was acting disorderly in a supermarket was asked to leave or
have the cops called on him.  He grabbed a hot dog, shoved it in
his mouth and walked toward the door.  When they arrived, the
police found the man lying outside, dead, having choked to death on the
hot dog.

Dorothy Johnson sued Kenmore inc for the death of her dog after she
placed the wet and washed poodle in the microwave “just a few minutes
on low, to dry it off”.  The case was dismissed.

A TX company “Guns for Hire”, which stages gunfights for westerns and
things received a call from a woman who thought she could hire them to
kill her husband.  She received a hefty jail sentence.

A Virginia inmate, Robert Lee Brock, filed a lawsuit against himself
for violating his own civil rights by getting arrested for the crime
that got him on death row.  He is suing for $5 million and asking
the state to pay as he doesn’t have any source of income.

Ed O’rourke, filed a suit against several bars, asserting they should
not have served him alcohol especially since in his drunken state, he
climbed an electric transformer, received a 13,000V shock and suffered

A 23 y/o woman was arrested at the Salt Lake City airport hotel for paying her bill with 3 $16 bills.

An Idaho college student who fell out of his dorm room when trying to
moon a friend sued the school protesting that it didn’t provide
adequate information about the dangers of upper story windows.

A Korean man was walking and talking when he accidentally ran into a tree, breaking his neck. He died immediately.

When a schoolteacher was in court for a traffic violation, the judge
asked her about her occupation and hearing it, sentenced her to write
“I will obey all traffic laws”…5000 times.

An Indiana inmate sued because he was not given Rogaine to treat his baldness.

Police got a lucky break when they asked all the men in the lineup to
say “Put all the money in the bag or I’ll kill you”.  One of the
men then protested, “that’s not what I said”.

A convict in Colorado sued for early release b/c he said “everyone
knows a con only serves about three years of a 10 year sentence”.

An AZ inmate sued when he was not invited to a party given for one of the guards who was leaving.

A Swedish businessman put together a 250 page book on the Swedish
economy that cost him 13 years of his life.  When he took it to
the copier, a new employee accidentally put the book into the “To
Shred” pile and the book was destroyed.

A man walked into a police station and threw a bag of cocaine onto the
desk, complaining that the bag was a substandard cut and he wanted the
man who sold it to him arrested.


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