so far in my ai

strangeness between my intern and my attending.  it’s all odd.  i’m
doing my AI in psych right now at our local psych hospital.  my intern
is a female who needs to develop boundaries between herself and the
patients.  she makes comments that threaten the therapeutic alliance
such as: “oh, i would do the same thing”.  it’s not about her.  she’s
not the client’s friend.  she’s his/her therapist and ths is therapy
for the client.  identification of interest and agreement between the
therapist and the client is not the same as respecting the client’s
ideas and allowing the client to feel that.  she also has a tendency to
become so involved with the pathology of the patient that it gets her
and fogs up her counseling lenses.  she also tends to be a bit of a
whiner and somewhat ditzy.

the other intern just doesn’t talk.  and she has a smile that doesn’t
look real.  have you ever seen an unreal smile?  it bothers me.  it’s
almost as if smiling is a default reaction without any meaning.  i’ve
tried chit-chatting and she’s not interested.  which is strange when
you first encounter it given the kind of collaborative effort needed in
psychiatry.  i guess i thought that most of us would be more on the
openish/friendly side of things.  and in contrast to my intern she’s
cold as ice.  but the two of them are as thick as thieves.  i don’t get
it.  but then i don’t need to get it.

the attending talked with all of us today because there have been bad
vibes between us all.  two third year med students.  two interns.  me. 
the interns haven’t been around, haven’t been calling and in general
haven’t been too helpful to the third years.  me?  well, you know me. 
i get what i need to get where i can get it.  you won’t help me?  i’ll
find a way.  besides, i’m basically an intern anyway.  now we have two
other fourth year med students doing parts of a fellowship here.  and
we’re all women.  that’s too much estrogen yall…way too much.

i’m sad…

not because of the AI.

because of this::

Doc Oc Memorial

Saturday, October 8, 2005

Amasa Stone Chapel

10:00 a.m. – Service

Light Reception Immediately Following on Case Quad

Join the Case Community for a Memorial Service Honoring

Dr. Ignacio J. Ocasio, 1952-2005

Oc”, a classically trained pianist and prodigiously talented chemistry
professor, came to the Case campus in 1980. Since that time, thousands
of students have passed through his chemistry courses and have been
infected by his energy, enthusiasm, and dedication. Doc Oc won numerous
teaching awards, including the Wittke Award for Distinguished
Undergraduate Teaching in 1993.

Doc was wholly dedicated to
helping students develop not only academically, but also as members of
society, supporting students both in and outside the classroom. The
University will remember him as a caring friend whose uplifting
personality would instantly bring smiles to our faces even on the
gloomiest of days.

Please join us as our campus community comes
together to celebrate the life and our memories of Doctor Ignacio “Doc
Oc” Ocasio. The memorial service will be held Saturday, October 8, at
10:00 a.m. in the Amasa Stone Chapel. Immediately following the
service, there will be a light reception on the main campus quad.

Follow the link below to register to be in attendance.


Doc Oc.

One of the most caring and yet sometimes frustrating professors I’ve
ever had the blessing to know.  We talked of his mother.  Of his desire
to teach unfettered by the ties of research.  Of his anger and
disillusionment secondary to not being validated and acknowledged by
his peers and the Case administration.  The man was brilliant. And
sometimes he didn’t quite get the fact that we didn’t always understand
what he was saying.  I know I didn’t.  But he was still someone to have
fun with.  Someone who earnestly believed in our abilities to grasp
these ideas.  Someone who loved to teach us.  And in our own ways, we
loved him back.

I feel as if someone tore at my heart.  And stuck it in my throat.  And I can’t swallow it down.

Goodbye Doc Oc. 

All my love!

 10900 Euclid Ave | Cleveland, Ohio 44106 | Phone: 216.368.6280

© 2005 Case Western Reserve University | Cleveland, Ohio 44106 |


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