The intricacies of God.

I have to present on 12 Steps tomorrow after morning rounds.  I
sat here today and read over the 12 step process in the Big Book as
well as some websites online.  I discovered that the 12 Step is
incredibly spiritual, in fact it seemed to be Christian in its origin
so I looked over the history of the steps.  I read that the two
founders, Bill W and Bill S. (a stockbroker and surgeon respectively)
met with one another, discussed their struggles with alcoholism and
decided to use some of the theories from a Christian Fellowship founded
in England known as the Oxford Group.  Bill W introduced these
ideas to Bill S after he was able to successfully remain clean for some
time.  The two of them went on to found Alcoholics Anonymous which
is based off of the 12 Steps. 

What then was the Oxford Group?  Well, they were founded by Frank
Buchman, a YMCA secretary, in 1908 after he converted to Christianity
and started a fellowship at neighboring Oxford University.  They
practiced absolute surrender, guidance by the Holy Spirit, sharing of
experiences to bring about true fellowship, life changing, faith and
prayer. They
aimed for absolute standards of Love, Purity, Honesty, and
Unselfishness.  In 1931, a London newspaper man by the name of AJ
Russell attended a meeting with the express purpose of debunking the
tenets of this group as fraudulent and left–a converted man.  He
later went on to write “For Sinner’s Only”: a book chronicling his
conversion to Christianity.  He also edited a book entitled “God
Calling”–the self same devotional that I have been blessed by for two years now!  The same devotional I have shared with many of my friends and in this blog.

Who said that your actions don’t affect other people?  And who
said the devil was in the details?  They lied.  God is in the

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