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WARSAW (Reuters) – An 18-month-old child started the family car and
ran over three family members in a southern Polish village Saturday,
police said.

“The child somehow started the car, whose keys had
been left in the ignition, and it began reversing,” police spokesman
Adam Jachimczak said.

The child’s mother, who tried to stop the
car, and her four-year-old daughter, got run over by the vehicle which
pinned the grandfather against the wall of a barn.

four-year-old, who suffered the most serious injuries, was rushed to
hospital together with her mother and grandfather who were also hurt,
Jachimczak said.

TEHRAN (Reuters) – Iran is seeking to revive its carpet industry by weaving the world’s biggest rug, weighing in at 35 tonnes.

mammoth rug from the spiritual homeland of Persian carpets will cover
almost 6,000 square metres and will fetch some $8.2 million, its makers
told Reuters Saturday.

“We will have two working shifts of 1,000
weavers working for 14 months non-stop to deliver the carpet on time,”
said Karam Reza Haseli, a deputy manager at the state-supported Iranian
carpet company.

Work is due to start in three months.

carpet has been ordered by the Sheikh Zayed mosque that is being built
in Abu Dhabi, after Iran scoured its Gulf neighbors for contracts that
might help revive business for local wool merchants, dye makers and

Although hand-woven carpets are normally Iran’s top
non-oil export, the industry has been hit by cheaper Pakistani, Chinese
and Indian copies of traditional Iranian patterns.

Iran is hoping
to break its own record for Gargantuan carpets, which it says is
currently held by the 4,400 square meter carpet woven for the Sultan
Qaboos mosque in Muscat.

Haseli said the quality of the
workmanship would be maintained by paying some of the master craftsmen
up to $7 a shift, far more than the $1 going-rate in areas near the
Afghan border.

“We intend to monopolize the market with expensive
delicate carpets and leave the cheap fake carpets market for others to
fight for,” Haseli said.

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Adm. Horatio Nelson’s one-sleeved undershirt,
possibly the only piece of the British war hero’s clothing still in
private hands, will be auctioned off next month in London, Sotheby’s
said on Friday.

The beige undershirt, with an “N” embroidered
inside the neck and its right sleeve cut short, is expected to fetch
between $500,000 and $900,000.

Other Nelson relics and rare
letters, including a 10-page epistle to his mistress Emma Hamilton,
will be placed on the auction block as part of a collection celebrating
the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar.

The one-armed,
one-eyed admiral became a national hero in England after repelling the
French and the Spanish in the legendary battle that ended Napoleon’s
chances of crossing the English Channel.

“Anyone who beats the
French usually goes down well,” said Michael Grist, the Sotheby’s
expert in charge of the sale. “In one battle, in one day, he literally
saved England. And that’s the reason he’s atop a statue in Trafalgar

An unpublished letter discussing his naval plans three
days before the Trafalgar battle could fetch as much as $54,000, while
the letter to his beloved Emma could command as much as $108,000. The
items are on display in New York over the weekend before their sale in
London on October 5.

Nelson remains a figure of enduring fascination 200 years after he was killed in the Battle of Trafalgar, Grist said.

was remarkably brave in battle, but he also wanted recognition for
this, and was remarkably weak in his personal life,” Grist said. “He’d
face the French and Spanish fleet much easier than he would face his
first wife.”

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – A new TV show starring Oscar-winner Geena
Davis as America’s first female president, juggling career and family
while holding Republican enemies at bay, is drawing Internet fire from
conservatives and feminists alike.

But the big question among
network executives is whether there is room enough in prime time for
two White House dramas. “Commander In Chief” premieres on Tuesday on
ABC following the return on Sunday of NBC’s Emmy-winning White House
drama “The West Wing.”

Producers of “Commander In Chief”
acknowledge their success depends on distinguishing their show from
“West Wing,” which is headed into its seventh season with a storyline
pitting Alan Alda against Jimmy Smits in an election battle to replace
current star Martin Sheen as president.

Much also will hinge on
how well Davis, whose two previous network TV series flopped, can carry
off her latest role as a leader of the free world who remains very much
a mom.

Aside from the obvious gender differences of its stars, “Commander” and “West Wing” differ in politics and tone.

dwells on the private life of the first family, while “West Wing”
focuses as much on the president’s close aides as on the top guy.

character, President Josiah “Jed” Bartlet, is a veteran Democrat in the
twilight of his second term. The commander in chief Davis plays,
Mackenzie Allen, is a political independent and relative newcomer to
the halls of power.


certainly the role with the most gravitas that I’ve had to play,” said
Davis, who won an Oscar for her supporting role in “The Accidental
Tourist,” but is better known for her star turns in “Thelma &
Louise” and “Stuart Little” movies.

As vice president in the
series premiere, she assumes the nation’s highest office when the
Republican incumbent dies of a stroke, putting her at odds with the
wishes of her late boss and Republican leaders. They want a member of
their own party, Speaker of the House Nathan Templeton, played by
Donald Sutherland, to succeed to the presidency.

Sutherland and Alda share the distinction of having both played Army
doctor “Hawkeye” Pierce in their respective film and TV “M*A*S*H”
performances, the Republican politicians they portray could hardly be
more different.

While Alda’s “West Wing” character, Sen. Arnold Vinick, is moderate,
thoughtful and likable, Sutherland’s Templeton on “Commander” is a
politically ruthless ideologue and sexist.

Demonizing that show’s
leading Republican is almost sure to turn off conservative viewers,
some of whom already see the show as the work of “liberal Hollywood
preparing the nation for a Hillary Clinton presidency in 2008,”
according to Stacey Lynn Koerner, director for ad-buying agency

Negative advance Internet buzz about the show was
revealed in a recent survey of online chat rooms and discussion boards
conducted by ad-buying agency Initiative Media. But conservatives are
not the only ones upset over the series.

Although some have
cheered the arrival of a TV show that imagines a woman in the White
House, feminists have complained that the show’s protagonist only
assumed power through the death of a male president, rather than
winning election in her own right, Koerner said.

Others have
suggested the power of a Geena Davis presidency seems belittled by
depicting her as having to juggle motherhood and politics, while
Sheen’s character is largely unfettered by such family-workplace

For a few “West Wing” episodes Sheen’s President
Bartlet temporarily ceded power to a Republican when Bartlet’s daughter
was kidnapped by terrorists.


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