You’ve got to do your own growing, no matter how tall your grandparents were.
– Irish Proverb

Many of us assume that the blessings of our parents will pass
themselves on to us. Well, some do (beauty, Tay Sachs) but not all
things/characteristics do. Of course we imitate our parents behaviours
and mannerisms and pick up their basic beliefs, but no matter how much
we gain from them we also must grow in our own right.

So many of my patients come into the hospital wracked and imprisoned by
the actions of their parents, unable to grow out of themselves into
themselves. And if I had their parents who knows, I may be out there
using up to 30 bags of heroin a day, prostituting myself so I can get
that next hit. I might end up on the floor, talking to Dr D about my
use and how much I want to recover and that this is the last time I’ll
ever use?

But I’m not them, and I wonder how much of their lives is their parents
and how much is them. And where do you assign the blame? And is it even

What about the lazy rich? Who use and consume the bounty of their
parents/grandparents And then wonder what’s going on when little things
go wrong (at least little things to non-rich people). They’re so used
to being compared to others (there’s drama there) or taking the
compliments of others (arrogance will get you killed). 

Even for the middle class people, there’s still the necessity of doing
you (as my brother would say).  You gotta spread your wings and
fly. You can only live off of the fat of someone else’s land for but so


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