pumpkin spice

V SMSed me today about my feelings on an Indian arts/ethnic store and
my thoughts on possible location.  As I’m not from here, I would think
he might be a better judge of that, non?  I told Warrior Princess and she snorted,
saying “Can’t that boy make his own decisions?”  What would she say if
she knew that he asked me about possible programs to get into (like
radiology tech etc) that UPMC would waive his tuition if he stayed? 
She might just snatch him up.  I love her!

Queenie is in Boston releasing pheromones left and right.  It’s a
hot mess.  From the latest count there are now four men falling
all over themselves just to get a glimpse of her royal highness. 
What’s really good?  Clearly the key ingredient is leaving
here.  I mean, how else can I explain the fact that women find men
outside of the confines of the MMC (Monolithic Medical Center) or
outside of the confines of da burgh?

What about the fact that M le docteur is taking me to see ‘Carmen’ this
Friday with two other med students (and maybe their respective male
others?)  I think he’s hilarious.  I miss him though. 
For all his wind, he’s unique!  Speaking of unique, I should
probably pen a short note to my drama teacher from high school. 
So we should have dinner after the ballet.  I hope it’s fun. 
I’ve got a wedding rehearsal on Friday afternoon for my friend’s
wedding on Saturday.  Then Saturday night there’s another friend
who’s throwing a birthday party.  Uhm…when did my weekends get

the candle is pumpkin spice.  i’m hungry.


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