On this day in history….

October 1   Henry Ford’s Model T, a car deisgned for the masses, went on sale, 1908
                   Julie Andrews was born
October 3   Red Badge of Courage is published
October 6   The first “talkie” opened in NY, The Jazz Singer, 1927
   Anwar Sadat assassinated by Islamic extremists
October 21   Alfred Nobel was born
October 22   Franz Liszt born
October 24   The UN was founded, 1945
October 25   Bobby Knight born
October 31   Dan Rather was born

A recent study of 3500 participants who took IQ & attitude tests at
the University of Texas at Austin found the following [which i found

    If you like country, pop or religious music you tend
to be a good neighbor, a person who likes to help others, outgoing,
agreeable and        
        reliable.  You tend not to
be an adventurer.  You probably like sticking to a routine .
    If you like classical, blues or jazz, you tend to be
tolerant, open to other people’s opinions, open to new experiences and
curious.  You
        probably don’t stick to conventions and you’re probably not athletic.
    If you like heavy metal, rock or alternative music,
you proably speak your mind freely and you’re a risk taker.
    If you like hip-hop, dance or soul, you’re probably
talkative or energetic.  You propably aren’t’ every argumentative,
youll fight back if you    
        have to, but you probably won’t be the one who started it.


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