As I was strolling along this afternoon, hands firmly in the zipper
pockets of my brown corduroy jacket, I was passed by an Indian
student–seemingly in his twenties–properly bedecked in white sneaks,
jeans, all purpose jacket, non-matching baseball cap and bookbag; holding in his left hand a
Subway sandwich, his left wrist sporting a ubiquitous “LIVESTRONG” band
and in his right hand a cigarette.  Incongruity, irony or both?

It was a beautiful day today but now the skies are ominous in their
cloudy greyness and the wind has cooled down considerably.  Amazing how
quickly the skies turn from clear and blue to opaque and grey.  Earlier
it was warm enough such that wearing a long sleeve shirt and white coat
led to a light mist of perspiration and now, well, suffice it to say
that a warm scarf would be quite necessary.


After deciding two days ago that I was not in the right frame of mind
to go to work the next day (yesterday), I woke at 8amish so as to inform the proper
authorities and promptly fell back asleep.  Upon awakening around
1pm, I sorted through the contents of the fridge and satisfying my
hunger proceeded to surf the net for about 4 hours until 5ish when I
snuggled into my bed to finish one book, “Death at Buckingham Palace”
and start another “Slay It With Flowers”(which I subsequently finished
about 9ish).  Then it was off to have a bit of nuncheon, go over
some simulation critical care stuff and hop back into bed for a cozy
read “Dearly Depotted” which I didn’t finish.  I did have strange
dreams though.


Today it was off to the races with Dr C (sardonic as all get out),
simulator (Dr R noted that I was missed yesterday–well, well…God and
how He drops favor) and asked if I was well.  I said basically and
he wondered if I should have even come today which is good b/c it
showed me that I was loved (even in a superficial sort of way). 
I’ve decided that I must be an extremely touchable person b/c both of
my fellows have a tendency to touch me.  The newest fellow has
patted me on the arm/shoulder a few times and the one I’ve known since
I started brushes against me all the time.  I’m convinced it’s
because he’s always post-call and slightly out of it.  However,
this is not the first time that people–particularly men–tend to reach
out and touch me.  I’m not sure where that comes from.  It’s
only after they touch me a few times that I will reciprocate with a hug
or something.  Oh well, whatever.  And lil bro, if you read
this…please keep your sarcastic Ghana-hued comments about me and men
to yourself!  ;^D

luncheon with the group and Dr R (courtesy the trucks near Benedum), I
hopped over to visit the Warrior Princess.  She’s busy as an ant
in summer time or a drone bee all the time.  Girlfriend looks
tired.  Gotta get her some boost or something.  Perhaps a
synthroid injection.  Naah, as skinny as she is, it might end up
with her getting ADHD on me…lol. 


I must send in some manner of
supplemental heehaw to one of the programs I applied to for
residency.  I also need to add the other programs to the
list.  I shall do this at the Public library while I study there
tonight.  I think I’ll head over there first and then about 9ish
when they’re closing down, pop down to Starbuckles by the BP to
continue studying.


Huzzah!  My auntie and cousin are
coming down next month for a visit.   Oh yeah, two of my
patients were pronounced yesterday.  One was pronounced Monday
with brain death (x2) so it was official and the other one was
herniating and when the family realized it, they withdrew all
care.  Sigh.  ICUs aren’t for me, that’s for sure. 
Queenie is returning on Saturday afternoon and I shall await her in my
1994 carriage. 


I always dislike part of that
inbetween time when I come home and when I study.  I never seem to
have enough downtime to rearrange my mind from the high alert status
needed on the floors to the calmer but just as intense studying mode of
the evening, especially now that I have the Boards to study


Recently I’ve had three odd “things” happen:

1) Mistaken identity where people call
my home phone for somebody else.  The first one was a firm looking
for some guy, the second was a Jewish lady named Zoe calling Linda (me)
about the Jewish New Year and how she thought perhaps it would be nice
if the two of them got together.  The third was a clerk from
Frederick Hanna looking for a Benjamin Asare.  The lady wasn’t too
swift on the uptake either.  After telling her that she had the
wrong number she asked me if I knew a Benjamin Asare…uhm, let me get
this straight.  If you call me and I call you back to tell you
that you have the wrong number and that there is no Benjamin Asare
here, why would you assume that I knew this person?  No lady, I
don’t know a Benjamin Asare nor do I know where he is located.

2) People keep asking me for
directions when I’m scooting about the hospital.  At least 5 times
since I’ve started this rotation, I’ve been asked for directions to the
Eye and Ear, to Presby, to Neuro etc.  Someone has even asked me
for help in locating a physician!!  Thank God the guy knew the
area of specialty otherwise I would not have known how to help
them.  So you would think this shouldn’t be so odd, right?  I
walk around in scrubs wearing a white coat…but ah hah…didn’t I say
it was odd?  People don’t ask me for directions man.  People
barely acknowledge my existence and now all of a sudden I’ve become the
keeper of directions.  Don’t ask me.  I don’t get it. 
It must be that “I don’t care and I just want to get out of med school”
look that people mistake for the studied and introspective features of
a physician.

3) Three different people have treated
me to meals (all men).  Two of them treated me and at least one
other person and one treated me.  None of them romantic in any way
shape or form.  The first was Antoine (attending for AI), the
second was Ken (uncle of girl in my course) and the third was a married
Medicine doc at West Penn who was just happy to know there were other
Ghanaians in da burgh.  LOL.


OH MY GOSH!!! I JUST GOT MY FIRST INTERVIEW!!!  I just turned in the application on Saturday!!!!

Don’t ask me
what prompted me to check my email just now.  I don’t
knooow.  But I just got an email from WPIC inviting me for my
first interview on November 14th!!!!!  Oh my gosh!!!! 
Breathe…breathe…breathe…woohoohoohoohoo…  Okay, now
I have to leave for the library to send off the other applications…


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