parties, pimped out pads and pittsburgh

(taken from another, now defunct, blog)

so technically i shut down this blog.  but obviously life isn’t merely shut down based on technicalities or we would all be in pretty bad shape.

i noticed that one of my friends on friendster has a lot of party photos on the profile.  mostly, actually, all party photos.  i wonder how it is that partying can happen so much for that person and not for me.  it always boils down to me doesn’t it though?  most people when thinking about life think in terms of the vagaries of their existence, not of someone else. 

but back to partying.  i don’t have the same type of partying pix.  in fact most of my pix seem rather sedate.  ah well.  it might have something to do with being in medical school…i dooon’t know.

then this sets me off on the train of "what about me" and that’s never a good train to catch.  what, what about you?  really, honestly.  come off it.  not everyone walks the same walk–Lord knows I haven’t.  sometimes though, i wonder what a glamorous life would be like–partying till ungoodly hours in the morning, grabbing breakfast then heading to the pimped out pad for some zzz’s, to get ready and start it over again.  it would be nice for a little bit but i’m sure i would start yearning for calmness, quiet and a lack of smoke filled lungs.

money and time are definite restrictors.  when i’ve got some money, i haven’t got any time and vice versa.  irony?  hmph.  of course, my thoughts of leaving cold, drizzly, grey and saddening pgh for the golden sands of Goa are currently predicated on the aforementioned weather changes.  i suppose if i had someone to snuggle with on such a night as this, i wouldn’t be quite as moody.  given that pgh has been on Forbes list as one of the top 10 worst city for singles, i guess that’s not happening anytime soon.  and if it were, what in the world would i do with it? 

never having dated or been kissed i’m sure that if someone had the druthers to approach me AND it was someone with whom i was compatible, i would most likely run like mad.  as much as i moan and groan about it, when it is my time and love does hunt me down like a heat-seeking missile, will i be caught incontinent with me panties in a bunch?


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