Sun never sets hunh???

How in the world a people for whom the dropping of their 3rd in line to the ascendency of the throne’s pants could have conquered so much of the world is beyond me but there it is…

21 y/o Prince Harry, son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, was ordered to "drop your pants and show me your backside!" by a colour sergeant during a parade.  The boy is halfway through his British Army officer training course at a super elite academy–Sandhurst.  Apparently rumors were flying that he had tattooed the name of his current fling, Chelsea Davy, on his pale bum as a sign of love and admiration but no one had the guts to ask him so as a practical joke his sargeant ordered him to drop his knickers.

Harry, apparently oblivious to the rumour, replied: "Are you serious?"
before being ordered: "Just get them off, I want to see if it’s true",
The Sun said.

The prince had his trousers around his knees before the grinning colour
sergeant said: "It’s OK, Wales, I’ll take your word for it!"

Okay, so this is supposed to be funny…uhm…yeah…that must be that British high-brow humour that people discuss when talking of them people.  In many parts of the world this might be seen as rather crude and NOT funny.  British tabloid,

The Sun,  said the manner in which Harry took the joke on the chin proved the young prince was "made of the Right Stuff."  Uhmmm, again…hunh?


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