LLG’s Music and Literature Week in Review

Dear readers,

There’s nothing like great literature to stimulate discussion is there? Most of the literate world can see some merit in books which have been found to be “great” and critics the world over have discussed in detail the pros and cons of many of these novels. However, none of them can compare to the well-read, intelligent and obviously credible critics at
. If however, you find their musings a bit too, well, narrow for your tastes, you can always fall back on books you’ve read and liked. I’ve often found that after enjoying a tantalizing bit of literature, I’m longing for more but don’t know what that more may be. So when I want to know what I should read next, I go here.

In music news, a young Asian group has managed to sing its way up the charts and into the hearts of bloggers and mobile cell phone users the world over! And if you, like your dear narrator, has just enough money to buy one rib at your local fried pork shack, you might appreciate these tunes, or check out another way to listen. Are you, like most Americans, prone to fits of self-combustion if you don’t do something new every 10 seconds? Then I’m sure you’ll appreciate knowing what was popular in music in on 3/23/77

And that good people, is this week’s LLG edition of M&L. Good night!


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