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Walnut Capital is a hot mess!  Firstly, they didn’t check their
boiler until super late and two of them were ungood (probably smoking)
so for the past 25 weeks, 5 days, 18 hours, 34 minutes and 6 seconds,
we’ve been walking around in layers like homeless folk with all their
worldly goods on their back and the rest in an old rusty cart. 
Then one day I come home to WP knit-crochetting up a storm, wrapped up
in five layers of clothing, socks thicker than a polar bear’s coat and
mitts with a space heater sitting by the door.  She assumed I
bought it.  I assumed she bought it.  She tells me later that
Walnut Capital left a message late in the evening informing us that the
maintenance people had come by to drop them off.  Uhm, so that
would be nice if yall could leave a little message letting us know yall
were here!

We still cold.  Space heater don’t heat up nofink!  Anyway, I
called them and they told me that one of the boilers in the building
was all busted and they had to wait for parts and then they had to wait
for someone to repair the boilers.  Aight.  I informed them
that they could at least have had the maintenance folk leave a message
instead of freaking folk out!  He apologized and you could tell he
had been apologizing and explanificating for some time now–probably 25
weeks, 5 days, 18 hours, 34 minutes and 6 seconds.  Okay, so now
we’ve got a space heater but we still iglooed up.  Aight then.

A few days ago I heard clunks and clanks indicative of the heater being
on–never mind that the heat doesn’t really come out that much, at
least it’s on.  Granted we still had to use the heater.  So
now I’m at home, mucking about on the internet as I am wont to do and I
hear “boom boom boom” and I’m thinking oh my gosh, the po-po are
here!  Why the po-po would be here I don’t know, but that kind of
knock ain’t right.  And it’s the maintenance folk, here to
what…pick up the heaters!!!  This must explain why our neighbors
catty corner to us had their space heater sitting outside their
door!  So I’m packing up the heater, grumbling cause I was hoping
to keep it and wondering why nobody had told us so we could have them

So I ask the dude, “dude, how come yall ain’t called a sista?” 

he’s like “girlfriend, i don’t even know. they was supposed to”. 

and I’m saying “cause you know it
ain’t right.  how people gonna have the heaters out?  they
gonna come home and somebody done been all up in they mix!”

and he’s like, “you ain’t neva lied”

and he’s like, “yo, the boiler all jacked up in da other building, so they gots to move these bad boys ova there for them folk!”

and i’m like, “Word? Dang yo! What’s really good?? Walnut Capital is a mess.  A hot mess!!!”

and he nods and grins.

well, the verbal exchange wasn’t in the “black vernacular” but the content fo the conversation is the same and I really did say that Walnut Capital was a hot mess…
now explain to a sista why it’s colder in this apt than outside???


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