Jobs at Google = Joogle

If you don’t already know, I’m a huge fan of google and all things
oogle.  I’m also a convert to Mozilla/Firefox.  Anywho,
looking for dollar-dollar bills y’all? 

Join our team: we’re hiring web developers and tech gurus

Note: this is not a call for bloggers. I’m not looking for someone to write for this blog. If you want to do
that, apply here. This is a call for developers.

If you’re reading our tech blogs, you probably know someone — or are someone — who works on web applications. We’re
expanding our Weblogs, Inc. tech team, looking for web developers and technical web designers for full-time

The exact skills are less important than these traits: bright, energetic,
blog savvy, great communication skills (email, IM and in person), organization and problem solving.
I’m not looking to fill a specific role like “MySQL developer”. I want to find two or three people who know how to keep
this giant blogging platform flying along and contribute to our always-changing stream of web projects.

But just so we don’t get people expecting to work on something else we don’t use, here are some real skills we

  • Apache, PHP and MySQL
  • ASP/VBScript, Microsoft SQL
  • experience with blogs, blogging, feeds, tagging services, CMSes, forums, Web 2.0, Web 3.0
  • Windows Server, Linux OS, Mac OS
  • regular expressions, JavaScript, AJAX
  • FTP, remote control (terminal services, ssh) and file management
  • experience administering DNS and email servers (Windows Merak Mail corporate mail server, qmail on Linux)

Does that sound like you or someone you know? Let me know.

Some of our team members work from home and some work from offices. We’re looking for people in the NYC area, but
we’ll consider talented people from other locations.


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