The Incident of the Exploding Banana Bread

Not enough butter and too much baking soda leads to mishaps in the
oven.  Toss in extra bananas and you find your oven exploding with
banana bread that is slightly burnt in places, cooked in others and
randomly throwing itself into delicious golden brown banana goodness clumps onto the oven floor.  WP or Classy Lady (as she
is now being called), decided to bake some banana bread for a
dinner/international Yaaaay (heeheehee).

I’m a procrastinator.  I finally returned a bunch of books to the
book room that a friend of mine gave me this past May when she
graduated from med school.  I mean, I’m a procrastinator! 
Over three years ago, another frend of mine gave me a bunch of books
that she had taken when she was going through med school and told me I
could sell them or return them to the book room.  I just returned
those books and folders tonight.  Yeah, I told you I was a
procrastinator.  They’ve been sitting around on my bookshelves and
in my car for quite some time. 

Studying for the boards is rather blah so let’s talk other
things.  We could talk turkey.  Turkey is what I’ve been
eating pretty non-stop for various meals since last Thursday.  And
no, I’m not complaining.  I happen to like turkey.  I also
happen to be blessed with a fondness for leftovers, hence thankgiving
is not so much a bad thing for me.  Turkey day this year was the
most fun I’ve had during Thanksgiving in eons. So much fun that I don’t
know if I can talk about it right now.  Perhaps at a later time.

However, Paul Rusesabagina whose story was portrayed by Don Cheadle in
‘Hotel Rwanda’ is coming to Pitt tomorrow to discuss his life. 
It’s free.  I’m there.  Friday, G’s School of Public Health
is having International Dinner potluck style (note how I return to the
first paragraph with the international potluck).  The event starts
at 5:30 with appetizers from one of our local (from India Garden), and
then shimmies into a series of cultural performances ranging from West
African drumming to Middle Eastern belly dancing to Latin salsa to
Bhangra with dinner starting at 7:15pm.  The same night, Yves Jean
of Yves Jean Band is playing a concert at a local salsa
restaurant/club.  So this week should have spots of brightness.

I’m at West Penn Hospital for ID.  So far so good.  God is
funny though–such incredible attention to detail.  My resident is
a fellow Ghanaian whom I met for dinner a few months ago!  He was
a friend of a Jamaican friend of mine who was also at West Penn and
told him of me.  Ain’t that something???  My attending- Dr K
has a good sense of humor.  Lean, bespectacled, graying hair but
quite young.  Enjoys teaching.  All should be well this

I have no desire to study for the Boards.  But I must.  God
is good…He’s gonna make sure I do well ’cause left up to me I would
just find myself a nice ticket to Cairo and hop over to the
Riviera.  I just want to sit in the sun, drink cool drinks and
walk around happy beautiful places. 


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