regretfully me

Last night after work I went to the international dinner sponsored by
grad stud of pblk hlth at their hall.  i had a good time.  i got there
with my two 2-liters of Seagram’s Ginger Ale and helped put up a few
flags that they were using to decorate the hall.  appetizers,
dancing/music then dinner.  it was all in all a nice time.

but today is one of those regret days.  when you wake up regretting that
you even woke up.  when your life doesn’t look so rosy.  when you wish
you were a slightly different person.  when winter in da burgh sucks. 
when you wish you didn’t have mood swings.  when you wish that one day
you would wake up glamorous, healthier, smarter, richer, more spiritual, less prone to worry
and more well traveled.  when the stretch of the day doesn’t seem long
enough for all your thoughts.  when your heart hurts and no matter what
you say to your spirit-self, all you wanna do is cry cause life just
feels rough.  and i know God is there.  that don’t mean my heart don’t
hurt though.


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