Gobble Gobble…

So, I did promise a recap of my turkey day, right?  Right!
Tuesday was preparing and dressing the turkey night.  It’s a secret recipe of spices, onions and garlic smeared under the skin with whole onions, carrots, celery stuffed into the center.  Classy Lady did some preparations of her own as well.  The two mamas enjoyed a companionable cooking time.  There’s something about hanging out with a good friend–chopping, dicing, blending and stirring!
The Wednesday before my turkey day (earlier that morning I did a bit of studying so I felt fine for the rest of the week) I picked up one of my mentees from a prior summer program from the ‘Hound near downtown and took her to meet with one of our deans for lunch.  Then I went off to enjoy some stress-free, romance-free time with the ex-crush.  We hung out at Eat’n Park for a couple of hours and exchanged items (I gave him back three of his CDs and he gave me two ceramic candle holders from the closed down restaurant and a velvet tapestry hanging of two women churning milk into curd).  I think I got the better deal actually. 
Then it was back to the crib to hang out until I went to pick up the mentee.  She went off to meet with her lab mates from the summer program and had dinner.   I picked her up in the middle of a white downy snowy night.  Took her back and we hung out at the crib for some time!  I went to bed late but woke up early, 7ish (all a jitter) Thursday morning.  I lay about in my bed until a relatively decent time (11ish) until the house felt that it was ready to be up and about our business.  So then we got up, cooked and rested for the rest of the day.  It was one of the best cooking days e’er b/c we just chilled!  The cooking was done so early. 
Thursday night was hilarious; Classy Lady had in mind, an “African” thanksgiving.  Since none of our countries actually celebrate the holiday unless our people come here, we figured we would put a twist on this old Pilgrim inspired gathering.  We had a smallish crowd at the house (about 30) but it was international (as per usual).  There were Nigerians, Ghanaians, Algerians, French, Chinese, Chileans, Cote d’Ivorians, Liberians, Indians, Jamaicans, Trinidad/Tobagoans and a few Americans.  We ate until we couldn’t eat anymore! 
Our menu consisted of at least the following BUT NOT TOTALLY INCLUDING: two turkeys (including mine), a ham, Ghanaian and Liberian jollof rice x2, macaroni and cheese x2, Ghanaian goat stew, rice and beans x2, curried chicken, chicken curry, Nigerian chicken stew, pork and apples, vegetables, French tarts, Indian sweet semolina, ice cream and various pies.  I can’t even remember what else we had b/c our tables were groaning with food and the kitchen was overflowing with items! 
Well, after sitting about for a bit with our bellies hanging out, we played Occupational Hazards (Charades on Crack) and people died laughing but they got gully when we played Mafia!  All in all, folk didn’t leave until about 2ish am.  We had too much fun. 
Friday was spent chilling, watching movies and eating left-overs.  Saturday was spent chilling and eating won-tons.  Sunday was spent chilling and chilling again.  All in all, a blessed Thanksgiving weekend!

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