okay,  what’s really good?

i’ve been here at the hosp, stuck here since 8 this am waiting for central to call us for consults.  they never called.  so the PA and i think that it must be a super quiet day.  they always call us.  in fact they call us super early in the morning.  so we’ve been waiting here, thinking that when a consult comes in they’ll page us.

finally i got tired (it’s almost 3:30) and i called them to say what’s going on?  the lady is laughing–in the way that makes me think that she thinks we’ve been putzing around all morning ’cause we didn’t want to do any work.  she says, ‘we thought you guys weren’t here b/c you didn’t call’.  well, that’s silly.  WE NEVER CALL.  it’s like the CIA/FBI/KGB/Mossad/PLO–we arrive at our designated position, we wait, we’re called, we go.  that’s the way it’s always been.  what makes today different?

we didn’t call?  we never call.  she says ‘oh if you haven’t heard from us, you guys usually call’.  uhm, earth to you–whomever you are! i’ve never called b/c i haven’t heard anything from you.  i call if i’m late and i wanna let you guys know that i’m here, or if i have to leave to go somewhere or if i’m sick.  i don’t call to tell you that i’m here.  i show up, get my work, do my thing and leave.  why would i purposely wait until 3:30 to tell you guys i’m here?  what backwards thinking is this?

she says: still laughing – ‘well, i’ll just call him now and let him know’.  i don’t even know which one of the doctors is here this week but i know this looks bad for us.  and i don’t like looking bad when i didn’t do anything wrong. 


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