I woke up after dreaming strange anxiety ridden dreams.  Or rather
it was one dream but okay.  I went back to sleep and woke again
after another odd dream.  Man, my life is getting too much now
it’s invading my dreams again.  AAARGH

I studied for a bit until I got a call from Papi around 3:30 asking to
go for une cafe.  I thought that would be nice and told him I
would be done studying around 4pm and get ready to meet him.  I
was finishing up taping CV for Step II and contemplating if I should
take a coffee when AC called asking for a ride from the car rental
place.  I figured one person calling me to take a coffee break was
one thing, but TWO people was a sign that I needed to stop for a bit.
LOL.  So I called Papi and told him we had to reschedule and we’re
down for Wednesday.  That should be nice. 

However, had to shower and make myself presentable since I was in my
pjs–classic.  Afterwards, AC asked me if he could treat me to
coffee so then I REALLY knew I wasn’t meant to be studying–what with
two people within 5 minutes of one another calling for coffee.  We
chatted nicely and then I took him home, came home myself and grabbed
dinner (leftovers from yesterday at T’s). 

Talked with V today for a little bit.  He told me he was looking
over all the old cards and pics from the summer and thinking how much
he missed us.  I just laughed.  Just laughed.  What did
he expect?  For us to hang out as much as we did and for him to
not miss us?  Brutha please! Anyway, I just laughed and felt good
that I didn’t have any residual bad feelings.  Thank You
Jesus!  Especially as I’ve got other issues to occupy my mind.

I was able to do another section (Immuno) and I’m done taping for the
night.  I’m okay with that too.  Chatting online yahoo to
take my mind off my own issues.

Tomorrow, it’s lunch at D’s and dinner at DV’s.  Studying
inbetween.  If I don’t get out this house I’ma hafta start a
prison ministry yall.

The greyness of da burgh…wow…

Why is it when you feel like talking to folk nobody’s around? 
WP–nope.  Lin–nope.  LaS–nope.  Ms M–nope.  G.
B–nope.  Even called A (whose friend SG emailed me to let me know
she was by herself in town)–nope.  DV (whose house I’m partaking
in of dinner)–nope.  I talked to my brother yesterday.  That
was good.

I guess that’s it for now.  Just living my life.  Weird dreams and all…

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