12:03 and lunch is over

Any real
change implies the breakup of the world as one has
always known it, the loss of all that gave one an identity, the end of safety.

– James Baldwin

Don’t we all crave safety?  How many of us crave intense passion on a regular basis or even Haagen-Daaz ice cream?  And as much as we crave, how many of us pursue that craving to its final, satiating end?  Not many.  In fact, most of us live superficially, cognizant of but denying the true realities that surround us.

For you see, to think is to change.  Very few people can handle that.  I have had people argue that it is not true; but it is quite true.  When I think deeply about an issue then I am forced to take a decision–to either retain my prior perception or to take a new philosophy.  In either case, I must change.

Even as our worlds change so do we, imperceptibly perhaps but we do and we will–so from day to day, my thoughts must inherently change because I as a person am changing.  Therein will be change within change.

And while I do not agree with Mr Baldwin’s statement that change implies a loss of self, or a loss of all that once was, I will allow that change implies some type of breaking; reworking or remolding.


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