Right before Christmas, I was surfing through friendster and came
across a profile for “Tamil Hotties”. 
Intrigued, I looked through the pictures of Tamil men considered to be
“hot” and came across a few decent looking guys.  Friendster has
initiated an option that allows its users to see who has checked out
their profile and apparently Gobs noticed me and sent me a “smile”. 
The smile initiated a written response and now we have been emailing
back and forth for a bit.  He is a young Malay born Indian, raised
partly in the UK, currently working for a bank in Chicago.  He seems
earnest and is quite aware of his ‘comely’ appearance.

He has a slew of pictures and a slew of “friends”–something like
181?  The pictures reveal a young, slender, dark brown South
Indian with a wide forehead, thick eyebrows above large almond shaped
eyes, a strong nose and a wide mouth.  From a purely esthetic
vantagepoint, I am just struck by both the symmetry and arrangement of
his face!  It’s not often that I come across a non-Hollywood
created face of such symmetry and he is quite photogenic–especially in
his B&W photos.  Please note that there is no hint of romantic intrigue here–hopefully he will become a nice friendster-pal with whom I can pass some of my time. 

This will be the first time that I have met someone
through Friendster whom I did not previously know.  I suppose at
some point Friendster should actually allow you to meet new people–not
just the ones you have lost touch with over the years.  Friendster
has also afforded me the chance to find out that three people (one from
high school) whom I know are gay/lesbian.  Who knew?  Really,
who knew?  It also affords me the opportunity to write in a
different more public, less anonymous blog.  Most of the time, my
blog entries are not as personal as they are here and not commented
upon that much but recently, that has changed a bit.  An older
entry that I wrote concerning the racism I have endured at the hands of
unsuspecting Desis has garnered quite a bit of attention.  It
started when one girl replied to my blog in the comment section and
followed up by creating her own blog.  I was not aware that she
had commented until I got an update notice that she had created and
updated her blog–again, who knew?

So, eager to read her thoughts, I went to her blog only to find out
that the impetus for her blog stemmed partly from my entry!  I
responded both to her comment and also in another entry.  This was
followed by another response from D (December acquired “friend”). 
Since then three other people have informed me that they are following
the discussion closely.  Well then!  Who would have thunk
it?  If you’re interested in checking out the blog, it can be
found at

Friendster…hmmm.  But do I need more friends?  Or just some more general good
excitement in my life?  I think I just want something wonderfully
fresh to happen in my life.  Something outside of my own
imagining, which I admit would be difficult given the extent of my
imagination, but still, don’t you crave a little something fantastical
every once in a while?


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